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By Christopher Dahncke, Currency Auction Associate

​One of the more intriguing notes offered in our August 2020 Auction is a P-39Ba 1919 Russian Provisional Government 50 Rubles Credit Note, graded Very Fine 25 EPQ by PMG and retaining fully original paper from 100 years ago. Two allegorical women are seen on the face of the note, one seated on a square containing the denomination, with the other standing and holding an object. The number "50" can be counted an astounding 94 times on the face of the note, making up the border design and seen in each corner. A multicolored design surrounds the "50" obligation at center, with detailed lathe work around.

By Jeremy Bostwick, Senior Numismatist and Cataloger

​Born in Denmark in 1841, Andrew Mason (A.M.) Smith led a rather remarkable life even without his contributions to numismatics. After serving with the United States Navy in Brazil, he returned to the United States at the outbreak of the Civil War, serving two enlistments—each of which saw him wounded and honorably discharged; the second saw him cited for his bravery. He then began civilian life in the world of business, first in Salt Lake City, Utah, then in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

By James McCartney, Senior Numismatist and Consignment Director

​Although often overshadowed by the 1884-S, the 1883-S Morgan dollar presents a surprising challenge to collectors in Mint State. While the mintage was moderately large at 6,250,000 pieces, the 1883-S is one of the few issues that saw active circulation beginning in the 19th century. Worn survivors can be located with ease, but Mint State coins are elusive in today's market. The issue becomes incredibly scarce in Gem, with only about 100 coins known. At the Superb level, they are essentially unobtainable, and even more so with any degree of prooflike contrast.

By Stack's Bowers Galleries

​Can you guess who this person is and why he is important in numismatics? Let us know your answer and check back next week to see if you are correct.

From Rare Coin Review #133, February/March 2000

​It is once again a presidential election year, and I thought I would revisit a Coin Quiz that I wrote 20 years ago before the presidential election of 2000. Then as now, we in the state of New Hampshire see many candidates come and go in the early primary days, although once our first-in-the-nation primary is over, we see a lot less of them.

By Stack's Bowers Galleries

​We are pleased to present the numismatic library of D. Brent Pogue in our August 2020 Public Auction Sale. While Brent Pogue did not focus on the library in the same manner as he did his magnificent coins and paper money, he was serious about acquiring important references and might well have assembled one of the great American libraries had he been able to continue the pursuit.

By Stack's Bowers Galleries

​Did you know Stack's Bowers Galleries is pleased to present an exceptional and well-cultivated collection of British Coronation Medals formed by the "Duke of Lansing" in our August 2020 auction?

By Aris Maragoudakis

​In our upcoming August 2020 Auction, lot 30360 features a very rare Zanzibar 10 Rupees dated 1916, which in our opinion is the rarest date for the denomination.