Harvey Stack Remembers: Growing up in a Numismatic Family, Part 59

​In 1972, Stack’s received consignments from major collections. This aided us in one of our other important roles, that of helping clients to start collecting and add to their already existing collections. As older collections came on the market, they provided the supply of pieces for newer numismatists to acquire and build the next generation of collections. In this year we were pleased to offer four general collections of United States gold, silver and copper coins along with four more major collections.

The four general collections were offered in February (1,274 lots), March (The Angelo Turrini Collection 1,293 lots), June (The Estate of Russell Hein, 1,161 lots) and December (The Lloyd Meyers Collection, (878 lots).

The first major collection sold in 1972 was The Arthur Stewart Collection. Arthur Stewart, former ANA Member #184, had assembled a wonderful type and date collection of United States coins that we offered in 1,808 lots in May. In September we held the superb S.S. Forrest Collection of U.S. coin, from rare types to early Proofs (1164 lots). The Alfred Globus Collection of superb gold coins of the world, 1600 to 1930, plus quality U.S. gold, comprised 1,052 lots sold in October. Dr. Globus always told the story that in the late 1940s his hobby, coin collecting, saved his business, as he was able to get a loan that saved his chemical business, by pledging his coins based on an appraisal of their value.

After we sold the Globus Collection, in November we had the Winner Delp Collection of rare United States coins. Winner Delp was an electrical engineer who developed parts for computers. He had started with Stack’s collecting U.S. type coins, and had superb 1796 and 1827 quarters, a 1797 half dollar, 1858 dollar and 1884 trade dollar – highlights of his silver rarities. He also had a wonderful group of early gold types. All in all it was a prize collection with some 973 outstanding lots.

All in all, Stack’s was pleased to offer these old time collections, some which we had also been instrumental in building, and some which we had been involved with in the early days they were assembled. 1972 was a monumental year with these fine and important collections,

In my next part of my Growing Up in Numismatics story, I will discuss how 1973 was a year of historic events and wonderful experiences as we worked to make numismatics grow and to attract more collectors.

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