Looking Ahead with World Paper

The market for World Bank
Notes has increased dramatically over the last few years, and many areas are
seeing values rise drastically, even within the past few months. With increasing
use of grading companies, we are likely beginning to see the same type of
growth that United States notes saw once the certification companies began to
gain popularity. This opens up the market because it allows buyers to pay for
notes with confidence, and be assured that someone other than the seller guarantees
the note to be of a certain caliber. I expect this trend to continue, and as a
result, the value of World Paper should continue to rise for quite some time.

In addition, with the
swift growth of World Paper Money sales on eBay, buyers from all over the world
have been able to search for pieces missing from their collections from the
comfort of their own homes. Here at Stack’s Bowers, with our new app and
website, we are able to offer that same type of comfort and convenience.

It’s a much different
time for World Paper than 15 or 20 years ago. Collectors in Ireland can bid on
a People’s Republic of China note, sold by an American auction house, from anywhere.
As this upward trend of online purchasing continues, we are able to be at the
forefront of this thriving market, and are in a position to get you the maximum
amount of money for your rarities.

For us, our flagship sale
for World Paper is our January International sale, held annually at the Waldorf
Astoria in New York City. It’s here that every year we offer fresh material
that often fetches record prices, setting the tone for the World market. We
have already received a group of ultra rare issued notes from the Imperial Bank
of Persia, the finest graded, uncancelled 5 Rupees note from Zanzibar, and a
marvelous 25 Riyals bank note from Qatar & Dubai.

We are actively searching
for exceptional notes to purchase outright or offer in our upcoming auction. As
always, we are happy to answer any questions, or offer a free consultation on
any material you may have whether it be rare or common.

To include your valuable
world pieces in an upcoming auction, or to inquire about our auction process
and receive free evaluations, please contact our World Currency Specialist at
[email protected] or our Director of Currency at [email protected]

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