Another Installment from the Ray Czahor Collection of Philippines

Stack’s Bowers Galleries is pleased to highlight another installment of the famous collector-numismatist Mr. Ray Czahor, to be featured in our auction held in conjunction with the 47th annual New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC). The auction takes place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel,  located on 102 East 42nd St. in New York City on January 11 and 12 for the floor sessions and January 14 and 15 for the Internet only sessions.

A long time collector, Ray has sought out the best examples, assembling impressive collections of many different types and time periods, primarily relating to the Philippines.  The early machine struck Philippines coinage consigned to the 2019 NYINC auction reflects his decades long search to find pieces that met or exceeded his stringent criteria.   

In the early days, the manufacturing process at the provincial mint of Manila was crude and rudimentary and showed much variation. Many issues are in less than desirable condition due either to prolonged circulation or other impairments. The overall quality of the pieces Ray acquired is a testament to his incredible patience, an attribute that is foundational in the formation of a transcendent collection. The lots discussed in this article give an excellent representation of the many fantastic pieces Ray spent years acquiring. 

The early copper issues are of particular interest since these were used in daily transactions. Usually found badly corroded and worn, many of the pieces presented in the auction are attractive, problem free and vastly superior to most encountered on today’s market.

The qualities that Ray valued: strong even strikes, good metal quality, fullness of details and overall nice appearance are evident in the coins featured in the auction. Some of our favorites include:

Copper Issues – Live session

41287Octavo, 1830-M F. Ferdinand VII (1808-33). PCGS MS-62 BN Gold Shield. A rare date in very high grade.

412892 Quartos, 1834-MA F. Isabella II (1833-68). NGC VF-35 BN. Another rare issue.

412904 Quartos, 1835-MA F. Isabella II (1833-68). PCGS VF-35 BN Gold Shield. One of the finest examples extent if not the finest. 

Copper Issues – Online session (The online session contains some of the more available dates, but in unusually nice condition.)

43809Quarto, 1771-M. Charles III (1759-88). PCGS VF-25 Gold Shield.

43812Quarto, 1805-M F. Charles IV (1788-1808). PCGS EF-40 Gold Shield.

43816Quarto, 1834-MA F. Ferdinand VII (1808-33). PCGS AU-50 Gold Shield.

43819Quarto, 1835-MA F. PCGS VF-25 Gold Shield.

43814Quarto, 1823-F. Ferdinand VII (1808-33). PCGS EF-45 Gold Shield.

Highly sought-after patterns, medals and currency issues are other pieces that rarely appear on the market but will be presented in the coming auction. The live session contains the best of the best of Ray’s decades long adventure to obtain these fantastic numismatic treasures. A few of the special items are:


41292Pattern Peso Struck in Silver, 1857. Madrid Mint. PCGS SP-64 Gold Shield.

41295Broadstruck Pattern 80 Reaux (Reales) Struck in Copper, 1859. Paris Mint. PCGS SP-66 RB Gold Shield.

438212 Centavos Pattern Struck in Copper, 1859. PCGS SP-65 RB Gold Shield.

41301Copper 2 Centavos Pattern, 1894. Alfonso XIII of Spain. PCGS SP-64 BN.

 41302Pattern Centavo Struck in Copper, 1894. Madrid Mint. PCGS SP-64 BN Gold Shield.

Currency Issues

412994 Pesos, 1882. NGC MS-64.


438172 Real Size Proclamation Silver Medal, 1834. PCGS MS-62 Gold Shield

43822Silver Proclamation 2 Reales Medal for the Inauguration of the Manila Mint, 1861. PCGS AU-55 Gold Shield.

43823Tubular Bridge Inauguration Silver Medal, 1862. PCGS MS-64 Gold Shield.

While the consignment deadline for our January 2019 NYINC Auction is past, we are taking consignments of world and ancient coins and world paper money for  our upcoming auctions including our February 2019 Collector’s Choice Online (CCO) Auction, and our August 2019 ANA World’s Fair of Money Auction in Rosemont, Illinois. We are also accepting consignments of Chinese and other Asian coins and currency for our March and August 2019 Hong Kong auctions. If you are interested in consigning your coins and paper currency (whether a whole collection or a single rarity) contact one of our consignment directors.

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