Stack’s Sells the Dr. Conway A. Bolt Collection in 1966, Part 2

In part 1 of this story, I told of how Dr. Conway A. Bolt appreciated the value of a numismatic collection. As a doctor, he was aware that the daily chores associated with having a family and making a living had to be augmented by some sort of diversion or hobby to make the mind and body function better.  

As noted, the good doctor was very active in numismatic circles and spoke of his feelings at various meetings, as well as to his patients. He dedicated himself to building an extensive collection of United States gold, silver and copper coins and currency.  He kept in contact with fellow collectors and the dealers he knew; he bought coins and traded with those who wished to trade. He enjoyed his hobby, as a collector should, and shared that joy with many he met.

Dr. Bolt’s collection was one of the great ones sold by Stack’s in the 1960s. Offered on April 21 through 23, 1966, the sale attracted many and because of the scope of the collection, many more bid sheets than usual were received.

The colonial coins section contained over 110 lots, and among the highlights could be found Oak and Pine Tree shillings, Rosa American, Woods Hibernia, Vermont, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey pieces, as well as Chalmers issues, Talbot, Allum & Lee and Elephant tokens, Washington items and much more. His federal coinage included a half disme, large cents from 1793, Indian Head and Lincoln cents, sets of two-cent, three-cent, and five-cent pieces, mostly in Mint State and Proof. The silver coinage continued with Proof examples starting in 1858.

Dr. Bolt had a passion for gold coins, and he assembled a notable set starting with the gold dollars, highlighted by all the Charlotte and Dahlonega issues, and choice specimens of the later dates.

The Bolt collection of U.S. quarter eagles was very extensive and contained rarities including 1796 No Stars, 1797, 1808, 1848 CAL, 1848, virtually all the Charlotte and Dahlonega issues, 1865, 1875, and most of the Mint State or Proof examples through 1929.  In the three-dollar series only two examples of the 1854-D were offered, and a 1879 Flowing Hair four-dollar Stella.

The half eagles — $5 gold pieces — were also well represented, starting in 1795 and continuing with a string of early half eagles, including all the dates to 1814, and then 1820, 1823, 1825, 1830, 1831, 1832 and l834 (both varieties). The $5 gold continued 1834 thru 1929, with virtually all the Charlotte and Dahlonega pieces and a virtually complete set of the Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, Denver and Carson City coins. The overall condition ran from Very Fine to Mint State, all of reasonable collectors value, although not necessarily finest known. As it was a comprehensive above-average quality collection, it attracted many bidders with all different budgets.

We will continue with our story of the Dr. Conway A. Bolt Collection in upcoming issues.


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