Cloth 1933 1 Yuan- Szechuan-Shensi Provincial Soviet Workers and Farmers Bank

Our Fall Hong Kong auction will be an impressive sale. One standout note is lot 40579, a P-S3243b 1933 1 Yuan from the Szechuan-Shensi Provincial Workers & Farmers Bank graded Very Fine 25 Apparent by PCGS Currency. Mounting Remnants on Face in Corners.

Printed on cloth paper. Plate note for Bank Note Museum website. Portrait of Iosif (Joseph) Vissarionovich Stalin at center. Mirrored hammer and sickles below portrait (Chinese Communist Party version). Soldiers spreading the Revolution at left and right of the proletarian symbol. Serial numbers in red at lower corners, with printed signatures above. “1” counters in upper corners. Three-two-three interlocked chain at bottom of design. Chinese Red Army soldiers at center on reverse with a red star between the pair, and a date of “1933” below. Serial numbers at upper corners, and a red stamp at lower left end. Russian “ОДИН” (one) at left and right of central design.

Track & Price reports no auction results for this incredibly rare cloth type note. We cannot recall handling this variety during our history, and we suspect that this piece is missing from even the most advanced collections of Communist Bank Notes. Cloth notes are scarce from any Communist Bank issuer, especially when one considers the many forgeries or questionable material. This is among the more desirable cloth notes available to collectors, not just because of the rarity (PMG has yet to grade this type, and PCGS Currency’s old Pop Report is not readily available), but also for the neat blend of Russian and Chinese Communist motifs. Russia, during this period, supported communist movements worldwide, as Lenin had dreamed the Russian Revolution would spark a global communist revolution. China received support from the Soviet Union during this period, to help the CCP win their fight against the KMT for total control of China. Thus, Stalin is depicted on the note (his likeness was never put onto Russian currency). Incredibly scarce, and worthy of a premium bid.

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