Stack’s Bowers Galleries Present Eight Great Collections and other properties at the Whitman Coin and Collectibles Expo.

When great collections are sold, the vast majority of them come our way—and have ever since Stack’s held its first sale in 1935. Our October Official Auction of the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo will include a stellar Rarities Night session and will feature treasures from eight great collections:

The Barnett Collection of Morgan silver dollars includes issues common and rare—a smorgasbord with something for everyone.
The Cardinal Collection—one of the greatest ever formed (remember the Specimen-66 1794 dollar we sold for the world’s record price of $10,010,375 in 2013)—brings to this sale a collection of foreign issues that circulated in early America as legal tender. Many are the finest of their kind. This specialty has been rapidly increasing in interest.
The Cohasco Collection of colonials and early American coins will be part of our C4 session. Assembled chiefly from 1963 to 1968 through the guidance of Robert Vlack, it comprises over 425 pieces that have been off the market for over half of a century!
The Marc Cohen Collection emphasizes design types from the early years through the 20th century and contains many notable coins.
The Ralph A. Edson Collection of rare and high-grade Washington medals is another collection that has been off the market for decades and will be new to the present generation of collectors. The two-volume set of books on Washington medals by Neil Musante showcases certain of these varieties in detail and full color. If you have been waiting for years to bid on a Victor Sine Clad medal, you are in the right place!
The William B. Martin Collection of Liberty Seated silver coins and other issues concludes the consignment we first presented in the ANA World’s Fair of Money last August.
The William J. Naddeo Collection is a comprehensive collection of coins from the 19th century (the 1856 Flying Eagle cent for example) into the 20th century. Additional coins from this collection will be in a future sale.
The Rosie Collection continues our presentation of pieces from a dedicated client who has favored us with important coins for several years.

There is More!
Beyond the catalog you are holding in your hands there several other great collections offered in separate catalogs. The Archangel Collection of Colonial Coins and 1792 Coinage is one of the finest ever formed. Mainly acquired in the 1970s and 1980s, it contains many treasures, including coins from our Garrett, Park, Robison, Roper, Spence, and other sales.
The Colonial Coin Collectors Club will be having its annual meeting at the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo, a tradition. This dynamic group was formed in 1993 and has grown to become the focal point for hundreds of specialists and enthusiasts. Interest in this series continues to grow as more people learn of the art, history, and romance of such pieces. In comparison to federal coins, most are very inexpensive. Often the challenge is the opportunity to buy, not the cost paid. A nice working library can be formed of books on the series, starting with Sylvester S. Crosby’s Early Coins of America published in 1875. Believe it or not, this is still a standard, essential reference.
The Joel R. Anderson Collection of large-size federal paper money by types is far and away the finest ever formed. It has many notes that are unique or are just one of two or three known. Our sales of the first two parts this collection are now indelible parts of numismatic history. Part III, to be offered in our October Baltimore auction, also includes many notes that may not be offered again in years, if ever. Opportunity is the key word.
The Caine Collection of federal paper money proofs is the largest ever offered. All are rare; some are extremely rare and even unique. In October we will be presenting Part I of this definitive holding, with each proof described in detail.
Beyond the above, there is a third paper money catalog for this sale. Among the over 500 lots of United States currency featured in that catalog is Part II of the John E. Herzog Collection of United States Treasury Bonds, collected over a long period of years by this leading figure in American finance and the founder of the Museum of American Finance.

Plan to Come to Baltimore
The Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo is always dynamic—one of the best-attended conventions in America. Draw a 500-mile circle around the city and you get the vast majority of numismatists in America. Driving is easy, and the Baltimore-Washington International Airport is less than a half-hour ride to town.
The Whitman show and our auction will be at our usual venue, the Baltimore Convention Center in the heart of the Inner Harbor district with its many fine hotels, museums, and tourist attractions. The convention hosts hundreds of dealers and always buzzes with activity. I guarantee you will have a good time! We will roll the red carpet out for you.
If you do not plan to attend, the Internet will give you an "I am there!" experience. Watch the action and press the "Bid" button when special items come up for sale.
Now, with my comments concluded, you can take it from here by viewing the descriptions in the catalog or on the Internet and making your plans to bid. I’ll see you in Baltimore if you plan to attend. Either way, enjoy the sale!

Thinking of Selling?

As you read these words I and other team members are planning for the great events coming up on our auction calendar. Looking ahead to 2019, another rarities-spangled year of public auctions is in the offing, including sales in conjunction with the New York International Numismatic Convention (January), the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expos (spring, summer and winter), and the ANA World’s Fair of Money (August). These auctions will feature countless popular and affordable coins, tokens, medals, and paper money as well. Our Internet sales are an important venue and have been very popular. In recent years I have consigned a lot of my tokens, medals, and counterstamps to the Internet sales.
Are you thinking of selling? Then think of Stack’s Bowers Galleries. If you carefully consider the matter, there is no other logical choice. Our unequalled record of success dates back to our first sale in 1935, and continues now, over 80 years later. We have handled thousands of collections from modest in size to the greatest ever built. The dynamism continues: we currently hold the records for the most expensive coins ever sold at auction worldwide and the most valuable collections ever auctioned.
Whether you have some choice and interesting duplicates, sets, or series to sell or whether you have a great collection laden with rarities, I and our team of experts would like to hear from you. Please call 1-800-458-4646 to speak with one of our numismatists today.

My best wishes to you,
Q. David Bowers

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