Lovely Catane Tetradrachm Signed by Heracleidas Featured in our New York International Auction

The Stack’s Bowers Galleries New York International auction has shaped up
to be an impressive sale, complete with rarities from around the globe and the
ancient world. Today’s preview is from the Magna Graecia colony on Sicily,
named Catane. Similar to Leontini and the regional powerhouse Syracuse, Catane
enjoyed a flourishing of numismatic artistry at the end of the fifth century
B.C. The example we offer in our upcoming official auction of the New York
International Numismatic Convention is indeed a work of classical art and is signed
by the engraver, further attesting to his pride in creating these dies.

The design features the iconic Sicilian motif, the charging quadriga. The
four horses are galloping furiously, evoking rapid movement, with the
charioteer just behind straining with both hands to guide the energetic
equines. In contrast, Nike glides effortlessly above, in the final moments
before gently crowning the charioteer with a crown of laurel, the Grecian
symbol of victory and triumph. The scene is framed by multiple exergual lines,
with the engraver’s initial, “H” (Heracleidas), placed just below the lines.
The reverse depicts the youthful visage of the river god Amenanos, who seems to
have just stepped out of a river, with sodden hair that gently curls and clings
to his forehead and neck. His somber gaze is fixed to the distant field. This
fine style and exquisitely executed piece is sure to draw considerable interest
from collectors interested in classical art.

While we are no longer accepting consignments for our New York
International auction, we are accepting consignments of world and ancient coins
as well as world paper money for our May 2017 Collector’s Choice Online Auction
and Chinese and other Asian coins and currency for our April 2017 Hong Kong
Showcase Auction. Time is running short, so if you are interested in consigning
your coins and paper currency (whether a whole collection or a single rarity)
be sure to contact one of our consignment directors.

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