Definitely Not Your Everyday Morgan Dollar Off-Center 1921-D Morgan Dollar Highlights iAuction #3530

For as long as there have been coins – more than 2,500 years — there have been error coins as well. In modern times collecting error coins has become a big time pursuit of countless collectors right here in the U.S.A. Our upcoming iAuction #3530 offers an error coin that will meet with bold bidding activity as sure as the day is long. Morgan dollars may very well be the most popular of all series currently collected in America. They are plentiful in Mint State for the most part, and many of the dates in the set are reasonably priced at MS-60 to MS-64. Those who love their Morgan dollars also love anything to do with the series, and the unique coin in iAuction #3530 will be the focal point of bidders from coast to coast. Struck in Denver in 1921, the 1921-D Morgan is the only date of the series from the Denver Mint. The off-center 1921-D in our upcoming sale is about 15 percent off-center to the top of the obverse and correspondingly to the bottom of the reverse. Morgan dollar errors as a class can be considered rare across the board, as very few of these large silver “cartwheels” made it through the Mint’s inspection process. That a pleasing off-center Morgan from the final year of the type is offered should excite error specialists and Morgan dollar aficionados alike. We expect heavy bidding activity once word gets around, and we urge interested collectors to bid accordingly; only one collector gets to take this prize home! We hope to hear from you for iAuction #3530!

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