Join Q. David Bowers for Numismatic Trivia!

Numismatic Trivia

See how many you can get right from the five questions
below. Each has four clues. Accordingly, by chance you should get at least one
right. See how well you can do.


1. Which of
the following played an important role in suggesting the Washington Statehood
quarters program:

a. David Hall.

b. Harvey G.

c. Edward

d. Renee


2. The Sherman Victory monument by Augustus Saint-Gaudens,
featured on the 1907 double eagle, is located in

a. The Lincoln
Park Zoo, Chicago.

b. Central
Park, New York City.

c. Audubon
Park, New Orleans.

d. Meddybemps,


3. The
American Numismatic Association Headquarters is in Colorado Springs. First
runner-up for location consideration was

a. Philadelphia,

b. Omaha,

c. Kankakee,

d. New York


4. The
American Numismatic Society was founded in March 1858, by Augustus B. Sage, who
was a

a. Harvard

b. Teenaged
school teacher.

c. Princeton

d. Commercial



5. In the
early 1860s the Treasury Department gave serious consideration to

a. Issuing $3

b. Establishing
a branch mint in Silverton, Colorado.

c. Appointing
Abraham Lincoln’s son to be director of the Mint.

d. Striking
coins in platinum.


Answers: 1-b, 2-b, 3-b, 4-b, 5-a

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