Persons, Places and Things

Coin Quiz From Rare Coin Review #52, June-September 1984

Persons, Places and Things

See how well you can do in the following Coin Quiz. All information is taken from the popular Guide Book of United States Coins, although we must confess that some questions are a bit tricky! Probably a score of 50% or better is doing really well. [2014 comment: Hopefully a 2014 (or 2015)Guide Book will be just as useful!]

1. John Reich accomplished many things, including:

a. Conducting coin auctions circa 1880-1900

b. Designing the new half dollar of 1807

c. Administering the Philadelphia Mint in 1793

d. Writing a reference on half cents


2. A “key date” or, more properly, a key variety, among Liberty Walking half dollars 1916-1947 is:

a. 1936-S

b. 1937-D

c. 1938-D

d. 1944-S


3. Among small cents in the American series, which one of the following dates represents the only year of its design type?

a. 1859

b. 1867

c. 1910

d. 1974


4. David Parsons and Benjamin Hawkins were associated with what coin issue? (Tricky, tricky!)

a. 1856 Flying Eagle cent

b. 1909 V.D.B. cent

c. 1936 Wisconsin commemorative 50c

d. 1849 Templeton Reid $25


5. In terms of pieces made for circulation, on what denomination did the motto IN GOD WE TRUST first appear?

a. Half dollar

b. 20-cent piece

c. Silver dollar

d. Two-cent piece


6. Anthony C. Paquet was employed as an engraver at the Philadelphia Mint for many years. However, only one of his designs ever reached circulation to an appreciable extent. Can you identify it?

a. 1861-S $20

b. 1892 Columbian 50c

c. 1839 Liberty Seated 50c

d. 1854 $1 gold


7. Which of these Morgan silver dollars has the lowest mintage?

a. 1879-CC

b. 1882-CC

c. 1885-CC

d. 1889-CC


8. Which of these Morgan silver dollars has the highest price in MS-65 grade?

a. 1879-CC

b. 1882-CC

c. 1885-CC

d. 1889-CC


9. Laura Gardin Fraser designed the Grant commemorative half dollar of 1922. What famous American coin did her husband design?

a. The Indian or Buffalo nickel

b. The “Mercury” dime

c. The 1921 Peace dollar

d. The 1908 Indian $5 gold


10. Which of these coins does not have the motto IN GOD WE TRUST?

a. 1938 Jefferson nickel

b. 1916 “Mercury” dime

c. 1916 Barber quarter

d. 1916 Barber dime


How well did you do? Here are the correct answers:

1-b, 2-c, 3-a, 4-c, 5-d, 6-a, 7-c, 8-d, 9-a, 10-d.

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