Rare Only If Circulated?

Rare Only If Circulated?


In this quiz, we ask about five different United States and related coins that are easy to find in Mint State or Proof but are difficult to find in Fine, VF, EF or AU. (Note: once question has two correct answers, take an extra point if you get both!)


1. Commemorative half dollars:

a. 1892 Columbian

b. 1938 New Rochelle

c. 1947-D Booker T. Washington

d. 1923-S Monroe Doctrine


2. Gold $20 double eagles:

a. 1870-CC

b. 1866-S No Motto

c. 1928

d. MCMVII (1907)


3. Morgan silver dollars:

a. 1893-S

b. 1901

c. 1884-CC

d. 1886-O


4. Territorial and private gold coins:

a. 1855 Kellogg & Co. round $50

b. 1849 Norris, Gregg & Norris $5

c. 1849 Mormon $2.50

d. A. Bechtler $1


5. Various:

a.       1823/2 large cent

b.      1785 Ryder-1 Vermont copper

c.       1864 Small Motto 2¢

d.      1852 Liberty Seated silver dollar


Answers: 1-b and c; 2-c; 3-c; 4-a; 5-d.

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