Stack’s Bowers Galleries Americana Sale Realizes $6.6 Million

Author: Stack's Bowers Galleries / February 18, 2014

IRVINE, Calif. (February 18, 2014) — A multitude of U.S. and colonial coins, together with a large array of important tokens and medals, led the way as the Stack’s Bowers Galleries Americana Sale realized $6.6 million in total.

Held February 5-6 in New York City, the sale highlighted a splendid 1796 15 Star half dollar in MS-63, formerly from the collections of Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr. and John H. Clapp. The winning bid on this rarity soared past presale expectations and realized $367,187, nearly matching the high price auction record for the variety. An 1802 half dime in the humble grade of VG-8 delighted onlookers when it realized $117,500 against a five-figure presale estimate. A 1799/8 silver dollar with 13 reverse stars in MS-63 commanded a strong $76,390, while a 1794 Flowing Hair half dime in Specimen-64 soared to $64,625. An 1851-O double eagle in MS-62 set a new world auction record with a winning bid of $64,625, eclipsing the previous record of $48,875. 

The pattern series was represented by some stellar varieties including a 1792 disme in copper grading VF-25 which sold for $211,500, exceeding presale estimates by more than a third. A private 1818 pattern cent by Jacob Perkins in AU-58 realized $30,550. Perkins’ dies featured state-of-the-art engine-turned ornamentation — one of the great advances in security manufacturing at the time — especially for currency.

In the Colonial series, a 1652 Pine Tree shilling Noe-4 in MS-62 hammered at $38,188, and a pair of 1776 Continental Currency dollars in pewter also brought strong prices: Newman 2-C in AU-58 commanded a winning bid of $70,500, and Newman 3-D in EF-45 realized an impressive $47,000.

Many twentieth-century coins showed strength, including a 1912-S Liberty Nickel in MS-66, which realized $30,550, a 1927-D quarter in MS-67 at $22,325, and a 1921-D Morgan dollar in MS-67 at $22,325. A 1983 Lincoln cent on a copper planchet grading MS-62 BN more than doubled the presale estimate with a winning bid of $22,325, and a 1999 Silver Eagle bullion coin in MS-70 garnered $23,500. A 1968-S Proof set with No-S dime soared to $22,325.

Other highlights included an (1800) Washington Skull and Crossbones Funeral medal in EF-40 at $41,125, and a 1905 Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural medal in Choice Mint State at $28,200. A 1976 gold National Bicentennial Medal in MS-67 realized $28,200, eclipsing the presale estimate by nearly 50 percent. A 1925 Norse-American medal in gold, Swoger-24C in Proof-64+, brought in $23,500.

Complete highlights include:

Lot 48. 1905 Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Medal. Bronze Cast. 73.6 mm. 121.7 grams. By Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Adolph Alexander Weinman. Dusterberg OIM 2B74, Levine TR 1905-2, Vermeule 119, Bowers-Jaeger 27. Choice Mint State. $28,200.

Lot 56. 1976 National Bicentennial Medal. Large Format. Gold. 75 mm. 455.5 grams, 13.18 troy ounces, 1 pound. 900 fine. Swoger-52IAa. No. 115. MS-67 (PCGS). $28,200.

Lot 261. 1652 Pine Tree Shilling. Large Planchet. Noe-4, Salmon 4-D, W-720. Rarity-4. Without Pellets at Trunk, Reversed N. MS-62 (PCGS). CAC. $38,187.

Lot 384. (1800) Skull and Crossbones Funeral Medal. Baker-165A. Rarity-8. Silver. Plain Edge. EF-40 (PCGS). $41,125.

Lot 387. 1776 Continental Dollar. Newman 2-C, W-8455. CURRENCY. Pewter. AU-58 (PCGS). CAC. $70,500.

Lot 388. 1776 Continental Dollar. Newman 3-D, W-8460. CURRENCY, EG FECIT. Pewter. EF-45 (PCGS). CAC. Secure Holder. $47,000.

Lot 2002. 1792 Disme. Judd-10, Pollock-11. Rarity-6+. Copper. Reeded Edge. VF-25 (PCGS). $211,500.

Lot 2005. 1793 Liberty Cap Half Cent. Head Left. C-4. Rarity-3. Manley Die State 2.0. AU-53 BN (NGC). $32,900.

Lot 2009. 1793 Flowing Hair Cent. Wreath Reverse. S-10. Rarity-4. Noyes Die State B. Vine and Bars Edge. AU-50 (PCGS). $31,725.

Lot 2015. 1983 Lincoln Cent–Struck on a Copper Planchet–MS-62 BN (PCGS). $22,325.

Lot 2016. 1867 Shield Nickel. Rays. Proof-65 (PCGS). OGH. $49,937.

Lot 2022. 1873 Shield Nickel. Close 3. Proof-67+ Cameo (PCGS). CAC. $35,250.

Lot 2037. 1912-S Liberty Nickel. MS-66 (PCGS). $30,550.

Lot 2041. 1794 Flowing Hair Half Dime. LM-1. Rarity-6. Specimen-64 (NGC). $64,625.

Lot 2042. 1795 Flowing Hair Half Dime. LM-8. Rarity-3. MS-64 (PCGS). CAC. OGH. $22,325.

Lot 2043. 1800 Draped Bust Half Dime. LM-1. Rarity-3. MS-63 (PCGS). $21,150.

Lot 2045. 1802 Draped Bust Half Dime. LM-1, the only known dies. Rarity-5. VG-8 (PCGS). $117,500.

Lot 2055. 1822 Capped Bust Quarter. B-2. Rarity-5. 25/50C. MS-61 (PCGS). $48,468.

Lot 2062. 1927-D Standing Liberty Quarter. MS-67 (PCGS). CAC. $22,325.

Lot 2063. 1796 Draped Bust Half Dollar. Small Eagle. O-101. Rarity-5. 15 Stars. MS-63 (PCGS). OGH. $367,187.

Lot 2065. 1822 Capped Bust Half Dollar. O-109. Rarity-2. MS-65 (PCGS). OGH. $21,150.

Lot 2067. 1846 Liberty Seated Half Dollar. WB-106. Tall Date. MS-65 (PCGS). CAC. OGH–Second Generation. $22,325.

Lot 2078. 1795 Draped Bust Silver Dollar. BB-52, B-15. Rarity-2. BB Die State IV. Centered Bust. AU-53 (PCGS). $28,200.

Lot 2079. 1799/8 Draped Bust Silver Dollar. BB-142, B-1. Rarity-4. BB Die State III. 13-Star Reverse. MS-63 (PCGS). $76,390.

Lot 2099. 1921-D Morgan Silver Dollar. MS-67 (PCGS). $22,325.

Lot 2115. 1925 Norse-American Centennial Medal. Gold. Swoger-24C. Matte Proof-64+ (PCGS). $23,500.

Lot 2116. 1968-S Proof Set, Featuring the 1968 No S Roosevelt Dime. Condition as issued. $22,325.

Lot 2123. 1818 Pattern Cent by Jacob Perkins. Judd-C1818-1, Pollock-5065. Rarity-7. AU-58 BN (NGC). $30,550.

Lot 2135. 1907 Liberty Quarter Eagle. Proof-66 Cameo (PCGS). CAC. $22,325.

Lot 2137. 1908 Indian Quarter Eagle. Proof-66 (PCGS). CAC. $35,250.

Lot 2141. 1888 Three-Dollar Gold Piece. Proof-65+ Deep Cameo (PCGS). $32,900.

Lot 2145. 1805 Capped Bust Right Half Eagle. BD-1. Rarity-3+. MS-62 (PCGS). $21,150.

Lot 2156. 1859 Liberty Eagle. MS-62 (NGC). $22,325.

Lot 2160. 1872-CC Liberty Eagle. AU-58 (PCGS). $49,937.

Lot 2164. 1851-O Liberty Double Eagle. MS-62 (PCGS). $64,625.

Lot 2172. 1858-O Liberty Double Eagle. AU-55 (PCGS). $28,200.

Lot 2175. 1861-O Liberty Double Eagle. AU-50+ (NGC). $47,000.

Lot 2183. 1884-CC Liberty Double Eagle. MS-62 (PCGS). $23,500.

Lot 2187. MCMVII (1907) Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle. High Relief. Flat Rim. MS-65 (PCGS). CAC. $48,468.

Lot 2200. 1999 Silver Eagle. MS-70 (NGC). $23,500.

Stack’s Bowers Galleries is currently accepting U.S. and world consignments for its 2014 World’s Fair of Money Showcase and Rarities Night Auctions. For more information, please call 1.800.458.4646 (West Coast) or 1.800.566.2580 (East Coast) to speak to a consignment specialist.


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Stack’s Bowers Galleries conducts live, Internet and specialized auctions of rare U.S. and world coins and currency and ancient coins, as well as direct sales through retail and wholesale channels. The company’s 80-year legacy includes the cataloging and sale of many of the most valuable United States coin and currency collections to ever cross an auction block — The John J. Ford, Jr., The Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr. Collections, The Harry W. Bass, Jr. Collection, The Norweb Collection, The Cardinal Collection and The Battle Born Collection — to name just a few. World coin and currency collections include The Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr. Collection of World Gold Coins, The Kroisos Collection, The Alicia and Sidney Belzberg Collection, The Wa She Wong Collection, The Guia Collection, The Thos. H. Law Collection, and The Robert O. Ebert Collection.

Topping off this amazing numismatic history is the inclusion of the world record for the highest price ever realized at auction for a rare coin, the 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar graded Specimen-66 (PCGS) that realized over $10 million, part of their sale of the famed Cardinal Collection. The company is headquartered in Irvine, California, with offices in New York, Wolfeboro, Hong Kong, and Paris. Stack’s Bowers Galleries is the Official Auctioneer for several important numismatic conventions, including American Numismatic Association events, the New York International Numismatic Convention, the Professional Numismatists Guild New York Invitational, the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Spring, Summer and Winter Expos, and our April and August Hong Kong Auctions.







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