Stack’s Bowers Galleries Sold the Historical Society of Pennsylvania’s William Spohn Baker Collection

In November 2019, Stack’s Bowers Galleries had the pleasure of presenting the William Spohn Baker Collection at public auction. This collection had been held by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania for decades, and drew attention from Washington medal collectors worldwide. Here are some of the highlights from the sale:

1. ​1805 C.C.A.U.S. (Commander in Chief, Armies of the United States) medal. Musante GW-90, Baker-57, Julian CM-6. Silver. SP-58 (PCGS). — Sold for $52,800 as Lot 20077.

2. Circa 1851 Declaration of Independence Signing Ceremony medal by Charles Cushing Wright. Musante GW-181, Baker-53. Bronze. SP-63 (PCGS). — Sold for $45,600 as Lot 20147.

3. 1800 Washington Funeral medal. Skull and Crossbones. Musante GW-71 (Dies 2-A2), Baker-165A. Silver. AU-55 (PCGS). — Sold for $38,400as Lot 20059.

4. Circa 1805 Sansom medal. Presidency Relinquished. Original dies. Early impression. Musante GW-58, Baker-71, Julian PR-1. Silver. SP-63 (PCGS). — Sold for $21,600 as Lot 20034.

5. Circa 1864 Letter to Hamilton medal by John Adams Bolen. Musante GW-675, Baker-257, Musante JAB-11. Silver. SP-63+ (PCGS). — Sold for $21,000 as Lot 20491.

6. Circa 1860 Fideli Certa Merces medal. Musante GW-354, Baker-135. Silver. SP-63 (PCGS). — Sold for $13,200 as Lot 20279.

7. Circa 1789 Washington Inaugural Button. Script GW with Linked States border. Baker-1003, var., Cobb-9a, DeWitt GW 1789-9, var. Brass. AU-53 (PCGS). — Sold for $9,600 as Lot 20006.

8. Circa 1858 Washington of Virginia medal. Original. Musante GW-352, Baker-63A. Brass. SP-55 (PCGS). — Sold for $9,600 as Lot 20274.

9. Muling of J.A. Bolen’s 1867 Washington and Libertas Americana dies. Musante GW-798, Baker-56, Musante JAB M-4. Silver. MS-63 (PCGS). — Sold for $9,600 as Lot 20560.

10. 1889 Washington / Harrison and Morton medal. Musante GW-1118, Douglas-35. White Metal. MS-66 (PCGS). — Sold for $3,600 as Lot 20746.

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