The Future of Numismatics

The New York Stack’s Bowers Galleries team welcomes you to our air-conditioned gallery in hot NYC! You can contact us at 212-582-2580 or [email protected] to set up an appointment or you can just stop by at 470 Park Avenue between 57th and 58th streets! This week I am highlighting our enthusiastic and very inquisitive interns.

Our Professional Numismatist Program for ages 18 to 25 is coming up in just a few weeks at our California based headquarters. It hit me that our New York gallery interns deserve some time in the spotlight as well. We at SBG value the importance of bolstering the interest, passion and potential in young numismatists. We have a duty and responsibility to the future of hobby to give this younger generation an opportunity to shine numismatically. Many of us at Stack’s Bowers Galleries and other numismatic professionals got our start because there was that one mentor, dealer or company that gave us a chance. It is only right to give back, as we recognize how fortunate we are to do what we love. Our three current interns are Andrew, Avi and Ceci. Below I share what they told me about how they got into the hobby, what areas they’re passionate about and what they love about working at our New York location.

Andrew: “I owe my start in numismatics to my insatiable desire to scour for all things old, interesting, and forgotten. I find joy in looking through bank rolls, finding good deals in coin and antique shops, and finding coins ranging from colonials to modern while metal detecting. Although my favorite specimens to collect are political and economic mementos of periods like the Hard Times and Civil War eras, I am drawn to just about anything with an interesting story to tell from antiques to old books. Working at Stacks Bowers Galleries has allowed me to sharpen my skills and interact with all sorts of interesting coins, all the while pursuing lifelong relationships with leading experts in the field and hearing the plethora of fascinating stories, they all have to tell.”

Avi: “I have always loved coins as a broader part of history. To me, they are a way of owning time. I currently collect knowledge of coins I cannot afford, catalogs and numismatic stories. I particularly enjoy early United States gold coins and others that are difficult to find in choice condition. My favorite part of working at Stack’s is the people. I am lucky to be surrounded by a room of world-class numismatics, all eager to share their knowledge. Similarly, I enjoy sales and trying to give customers a first-class experience with us.”

Ceci: “In early middle school I discovered coin roll hunting and spent hours on weekends searching boxes of pennies and nickels from the bank. While I currently collect type coins with a primary focus on Liberty Seated coinage, I am always open to anything numismatic that catches my eye or comes with a research-worthy story. Every day here at Stack’s New York is a surprise. There are constantly new, interesting coins to see and so many people to learn from.”

Our interns and certainly the rest of our veteran staff look forward to meeting you and reviewing your collection. Our immediate focus – outside of buying – is preparing for the August 2024 Showcase Auction and taking in consignments for future sales. Please give us a call on the number listed above to set up a consultation.

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