The Jasmine Collection — An Apex of Exceptional Italian Silver

The coinage of Italy offers an incredible array of collecting opportunities, ranging from the numerous states which dotted the peninsular landscape to the issues of the Italian kingdom post-unification. Owing to the area’s rich connection to the Roman Empire, neoclassical motifs can be observed throughout, be it in the earlier coinage of the disparate states or the early 20th century issues of the kingdom. Sovereigns were commonly depicted in  anachronistic regalia, with laureate crowns and armored busts commonly encountered nearly two millennia prior. Reverses employed iconography channeling the past with allegories, charioteers, and religious scenery all playing key roles. Additionally, dating back to ancient times and the formation of the Catholic Church, Rome has been long associated with the papacy. Throughout much of the church’s early modern history, the pope reigned over not just Rome, but many of the surrounding realms in what was known as the Papal States. Only in 1929 was a deal finally negotiated which saw the creation of the modern Vatican City state—a micronation within Rome itself—over which the pope still has direct control. This August, Stack’s Bowers Galleries is excited to present the Jasmine Collection—an offering of 53 exceptional and attractive crowns and minors, with a few delightful gold and bronze issues as well. Among this group is a good deal of top pop material, with nearly 30% having with none finer graded by PCGS.

Highlights from this extraordinary collection are led by a magnificent 5 Lire from the brief period of Napoleonic influence within Italy—a stunningly original issue of Joachim Murat from the Two Sicilies, graded PCGS MS-64 and tied for the finest with just two others. Also hailing from this volatile period is a handsome 5 Francs from the Subalpine Republic—a short-lived client state of France—which presents a high degree of reflectivity. This wonderful example is also at the top of the population, a choice specimen, graded PCGS MS-63. A Tuscan Francescone, issued under Leopold II and seldom encountered so attractive is also found in the Jasmine Collection. It offers deep cabinet tone, grades PCGS MS-62+ and is wholly pleasing. Papal issues aren’t to be forgotten, however, as one of the two gold coins extant, a 5 Scudi of Pius IX, is a blazing prooflike Gem, grading PCGS MS-65 and accentuated by frosted devices. Rounding out the presentation are a few pieces from the 20th century and the reign of Italy’s final king, Vittorio Emanuele III, such as this exemplary 20 Lire, graded PCGS MS-65+ and offering sparkling luster and steel gray toning. The Jasmine Collection is now available at for viewing and bidding and is sure to attract significant attention as it crosses the auction block this August.

To view our upcoming auction schedule and future offerings, please visit where you may register and participate in this and other forthcoming sales.

We are always seeking coins, medals, and of paper money for our future sales, and are currently accepting submissions for our next CCO (Collectors Choice Online) auction, the consignment deadline of which is September 8th. Following that, our next larger format auction will be our official auction of the 2021 N.Y.I.N.C. in January. If you would like to learn more about consigning, whether a singular item or an entire collection, please contact one of our consignment directors today and we will assist you in achieving the best possible return on your material.

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