Amazing 15-Piece Gold Lincoln Medallic Set With Unique Gold Lincoln Indian Peace Medal A Major Highlight in Our February 2015 Americana Sale

Ex Clarke, Stack, Eliasberg 

An amazing – not many other superlatives fit – 15-piece boxed “set” of Lincoln medals and medalets, all in gold, will be a focal point in our upcoming February 2015 New York City Americana Sale. Originally sold by us in September-October 2010 as individual lots in our Philadelphia Americana Sale, this set was owned at various times by Judson Brenner, Henry Chapman, T. James Clarke, and the Stack family. Then it went on to become part of the famous Eliasberg Collection, where it remained from 1945 until our sale of the group in 2010.

This incredible grouping of gold Lincolniana represents one of the most important opportunities ever offered to collectors who favor the many exonumia tributes paid to Lincoln over the years. Far and away the most important of the 15 medals is the unique gold Indian Peace medal, Julian IP-38, struck some time after Lincoln’s death by the Mint for an unknown collector of the era. Its weight of 7.58675 troy ounces alone is enough to turn heads, and its unique stature speaks volumes on its rarity. Other pieces in the set include a Lincoln Presidential medal by George T. Morgan, Julian PR-12 (7.317 troy ounces); 1871 Emancipation Proclamation medal, Julian CM-16 (1.76 troy ounces); 1909 Lincoln medal by George T. Morgan, King-311; 1924 “Beloved Alike By Rich And Poor” medal by Thomas Elder, DeLorey-58; circa 1930s Lincoln plaquette by J. Henri Ripstra; 1868 Washington and Lincoln medalet, Julian PR-31; 1869 Lincoln Broken Column medalet, Julian PR-38; 1869 Lincoln and Grant medalet, Julian PR-39; 1882 Lincoln and Garfield medalet, Julian PR-40; 1882 Lincoln and Garfield medalet, Julian PR-41 (3 pieces); 1910 Lincoln token by Elder, DeLorey-47; and 1927 Lincoln token by Elder, DeLorey-48.

This group, perhaps the single most important “set” of its kind in the hands of Lincolniana collectors, will attract fans of Honest Abe and medal specialists alike. It is housed in a custom black leatherette box made in the mid 1940s especially for Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr. The offering of this set – perhaps your only opportunity to obtain it – will make headlines in February 2015 in New York City. We hope to see your name in those headlines when the news breaks to the numismatic world.

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