Stacks Bower’s Galleries Wantlist was developed to help collectors find items in our upcoming auctions. When a new auction is posted to our Stacks Bower’s website we will send you an email letting you know if any of your Wantlist items will be up for sale. You can delete your Wantlist or change your notification settings any time you want.

Feel free to reach out if you want help setting up your wantlist. Email us at [email protected]

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Creating a Wantlist?

Wantlist is the ability to add and remove keywords and categorizations of items to filter your results. As you add these filters, more filters will become available, or you can click preview results to see what results your search criteria will provide you. You can remove any filter at any time.

How do I start my search?

Start your search as you’ve always done. From the Wantlist main page, you can select a keyword and choose a coin type such as “Nickel” or “Silver Dollar”, and then click “preview results”.

I have too many results?

You can add a filter in the “Category” dropdown, you can also add specific “Keywords”. Each time you make such a selection, the listing of results will become smaller, showing only those items that meet all the criteria you have selected. You can also enter one or more keywords, such as “Gold”, if that will help your search.

I don’t see any results from my search?

You may have narrowed your results to be too specific and this is all right if you are looking for a “very” specific coin including its grade, year, and etc. However, you can remove a few of the specifics of your search parameters to broaden your results. Click on any filter to remove it, and the page will refresh to show all items matching the new broader specifications.

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