Test Your Knowledge Weekly Quiz

See how many you can get right from the four questions below. Each has four clues. Accordingly, by chance you should get at least one right. See how well you can do.


1. Starting in the early 1830s in Rutherfordton, North Carolina the Christopher Bechtler family produced and distributed:

a. Paper scrip notes exchangeable at par for federal one-cent pieces.

b. Copper tokens depicting Andrew Jackson.

c. Gold coins made from regional ore.

d. Octagonal silver medals denominated as $1.25.


2. Concerning the 1921 Alabama Centennial commemorative half dollar:

a. It was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens,

b. It is misdated as the centennial actually took place in 1919.

c. The issue price was $3, the highest for any commemorative half dollar up to that time.

d. The coins were struck at the San Francisco Mint, but the S mintmark was omitted.


3. One of the greatest bank frauds in American history involved:

a. The first Bank of the United States, Philadelphia, 1791-1811.

b. The Second National Bank of Kokomo, Indiana.

c. The Hillsborough Bank of Amherst, New Hampshire.

d. Cripple Creek National Bank, Cripple Creek, Colorado.


4. Among currency issued by banks in the early nineteenth century, which denomination is the rarest today?

a. $1.

b. $2.

c. $3.

d. $4.


ANSWERS: 1c, 2b, 3c, 4d.

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