A World Coin Quiz

This week we offer a quiz with questions about coins that are not from the United States.


1.  Among world coins, a perennial favorite is the 1894 silver crown of German New Guinea. Its featured motif is:

A. An elephant.

B. A fully rigged sailing ship with dolphins and sea serpents.

C. Ancient buildings and ruins in a jungle.

D. A bird of paradise.


2. Certain coins of ancient Baktria are remarkable and unusual in that:

A. Their alloy is primarily nickel.

B. They represent the first use of gold in coinage.

C. They were struck on the first roller press.

D. They became popular coins throughout the civilized world and were used widely in maritime trade.


3. Copper coins authorized by the Republic of Vermont were first struck in Rupert in that district in 1785, continuing later, after which the coinage operation was moved to:

A. Newburgh, New York.

B. Westerly, Rhode Island.

C. New Haven, Connecticut

D. West Milan, New Hampshire.


4. The signature of artist Kimon is well known on certain examples of the:

A. French international gold patterns of 1868.

B. Decadrachm of Syracuse.

C. Japanese Oban of the 1837 to 1854.

D. Swiss Shooting taler issued by the Canton of Vaud.


5. The seated goddess on the reverse of many British coins was derived from:

A. A portrait of Queen Victoria.

B. A sculpture by Thorvaldsen.

C. A motif on ancient Roman copper coins.

D. A sketch by W.T. Wyon.


Answers: 1-D; 2-A; 3-A; 4-B; 5-C

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