April Hong Kong World Paper Money Highlights

The April 2021 Hong Kong sale contains a nice assortment of
World Paper Money. Auction highlights include the following notes:

stacks bowers galleries chinese ta-ching government banknote 

Lot 40023 China Empire Ta-Ching Government Bank P-A76s 1
Dollar Specimen, PMG Gem Uncirculated 66 EPQ. PMG has graded just two notes at
this level, with none finer. This note is extremely difficult to acquire, and
this example is sure to please.


stacks bowers galleries china banknote from the peoples republic 

Lot 40148 China People’s Republic P-870 1953 10 Yuan in PMG
Extremely Fine 40. This note is one of the highlights of our People’s Republic
section. The note is quite appealing as the format is significantly larger than
others from the 1953 series. Gray-black inks make up the basic design and a “Farm
Couple” vignette is found at center.


stacks bowers galleries chi tung bank specimen currency

Lot 40178 China Puppet Banks Chi Tung Bank P-J115s1 5 Yuan
Specimen, which is in a PMG Uncirculated 60 grade. PMG’s pop report lists this
note as the sole graded by their service for the variety at the time of
cataloging. A stuck digit serial number is noticed on this 5 Yuan Specimen on
the reverse at top left corner. Scarce. A good opportunity to acquire a note
which is likely missing from the most advanced collections. PMG comments
“Previously Mounted.”


stacks bowers galleries china deutsch asiatische bank specimen note

Lot 40194 China Foreign Banks Deutsch-Asiatische Bank 1907 P-293s
1 Dollar in PMG Extremely Fine 40. An extremely rare 1 Dollar specimen, which
displays DRUCKPROBE perforation at top and bottom center, with Germania at


stacks bowers galleries pmg chinese banknote 

Lot 40195 China Foreign Banks Deutsch-Asiatische Bank 1907
P-294s 5 Dollars in a PMG Choice Very Fine 35 grade. At the time of cataloging this
note is the only graded specimen on the PMG census. PMG mentions staple holes,
and previously mounted, most visible by the small tape found at front and some
remnants on the reverse. A rare type that is missing from most collections.


stacks bowers galleries specimen banknote auction

Lot 40196 China Foreign Banks Deutsch-Asiatische Bank 1907
P-295s 25 Dollars in a PMG Choice Very Fine 35 grade. An elusive high
denomination Specimen, and the sole graded specimen on PMG’s population report
for the Pick number. Typical tape seen on the front with PMG noting Previously
Mounted and Staple Holes.


stacks bowers galleries chinese banknote auction

Lot 40197 China Foreign Banks Deutsch-Asiatische Bank 1907
P-296s 50 Dollars in a PMG Choice Very Fine 35 grade. The last of these
Tientsin place name Specimens we are offering, and a high denomination example.
It is the sole graded specimen on PMG’s population report for the Pick number.
Typical tape seen on the front with PMG noting Previously Mounted and Staple


stacks bowers galleries mexican chinese banknote

Lot 40206 China Foreign Banks Banque Industrielle de Chine
Swatow P-S397Fa 1915 10 Mexican Dollars in PMG Choice Very Fine 35. An
extremely rare Swatow Mexican Dollars overprint note on P-S397. No Swatow
branch or Mexican Dollar revaluations from Banque Industrielle were known to
Smith/Matravers, when published 60 years after the issue date of this note.
Contrary to the inaccurate notation in SCWPM at Pick S-397F, number C254-3d
does not exist in S/M. There are only C254 a,b,c numbers in S/M, which refer
only to the regular issues of $10 for Peking, Tientsin, and Shanghai, not to
either Swatow or Mexican Dollar overprints. A rare note in
issued form, the first we have handled in quite some time and the finest of any
we offered. Only
one finer example appears in the PMG population report, which has just six
issued examples. A high VF, with strong paper quality and all-over sharp color
and detail. PMG mentions a “minor foreign substance,” which is
negligible. One in similar grade fetched $11,400 in our January 2018 sale, but
that example showed small stains and more toning and handling than this one.


stacks bowers galleries kwangsi chinese bank

Lot 40234 China Provincial Banks Kwangsi Bank P-S2345 1909 1
Yuan in PMG Choice Fine 15. This is an exciting opportunity to acquire one of
the most desirable and coveted pieces of World Paper. Among the most
significant Chinese pieces in all of numismatics, this “Black Dragon”
note is the sole graded on PMG’s census and without question the finest example
we have ever seen. It has been privately held and is making its first major
auction appearance since realizing $125,000 over a decade ago. The design
features facing black dragons around a vignette of a Kwangsi Dollar. The
reverse shows a Kwangsi Bank handstamp at left, and an inscription within the
orange border that loosely translates to “no discount given” and
“redeemable for silver at any branch.”


stacks bowers galleries currency experts portugese indian paper money

Lot 40488 Portuguese India Banco Nacional Ultramarino 1938
P-34 50 Rupias in PMG Very Fine 25. This extremely rare and coveted type is
virtually impossible to find and is currently one of only two examples in
issued form certified by PMG. We offered an extremely circulated and nearly
destroyed example that brought over $7,500 about four years ago. We therefore
imagine this extremely pleasing example will fetch a new record. This treasure
is without question one of the most sought-after designs in the hobby with a
giant elephant pictured at center. Some minor wear that is typical for the
type, but otherwise bold impressions and deep blue ink throughout.


stacks bowers galleries rare paper money expertsstacks bowers galleries panama money experts 

sell panama money through stacks bowers galleriespanama local money buyers stacks bowers galleries 

In lots 40462, 40463, 40464 and 40465, we are offering
Panama P-22a 1 Balboa, P-23a 5 Balboas, P-24a 10 Balboas and P-25a 20 Balboas.
The P-24a 10 Balboas note is graded by PMG Choice Uncirculated 64 EPQ, and the
P-25a 20 Balboas is PMG Choice Extremely Fine 45. Rarely are these notes
offered in these grade levels, especially in the same auction. A good
opportunity for collectors to acquire one or all of the notes from this scarce
series of Panama notes.

The Stack’s Bowers Galleries April 2021 Hong Kong World
Paper Money auction will take place on Monday April 5th  at 10:00 AM HKT. To consign your world
paper money to a future sale, contact a consignment specialist at 800-458-4646
or visit For more information on viewing lots or for
assistance registering to bid, contact 800-458-4646 or email to [email protected].

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