The D. Brent Pogue Collection — The Most Valuable U.S. Coin Collection Ever Sold

Dear Dave, Larry and Chris,

I am writing to share with you my appreciation for everything you and Stack’s Bowers Galleries did leading up to the extraordinary auction presentation of the D. Brent Pogue Collection.

Going back many years, I have certainly enjoyed the interface I have had with you and your firm. I remember fondly when I attended your sale of the Louis E. Eliasberg Collection of United States Gold Coins in 1982, by which time you had been close advisors for many other sales. By virtue of your friendship, expertise, and personal service, I feel I have been at the heart of the collecting community. You placed me and my family’s interests front and center as I attended and participated in landmark auctions offering some of the greatest collections of all time. As we enthusiastically pursued rarities, it soon became obvious that the D. Brent Pogue Collection would rank among these renowned cabinets. How wonderful that it now stands as the most valuable collection of coins ever to cross the auction block, a world’s record.

Some feel that the financial result of an auction consignment is the most important aspect of the transaction. However, equally important is the professionalism and unique client interface that you and your firm excel at providing. The phenomenally successful series of sales for the D. Brent Pogue Collection relied on hundreds of details that needed to be balanced and planned for. Many things had to be “just right” to accomplish what you did over the three-year period. Dozens of hours were devoted to making sure every aspect was perfect, both in person and on the phone. Looking back, I would not change a single aspect of the catalog presentation or the experience in the auction gallery.

I thank you for all you have done for me and my family, and I look forward to what the numismatic hobby has for all of us in the future!

The Joel R. Anderson Collection — The Most Valuable U.S. Currency Collection Ever Sold

Dear Dave, Chris and Peter,

I would like to express heartfelt gratitude to you and your team for the wonderful presentation that brought my cherished collection of large size federal currency to market. It was quite a few years ago that my collecting interest broadened to include paper money after spending decades collecting United States and world coins. I set out to build a collection of large size currency by design type. This endeavor brought me decades of enjoyment, including acquiring many finest known examples as they came available through auction or private treaty.

It was a bittersweet moment when I realized that it was time to present the collection to the current generation of collectors. It was important to me that the collection not only realize strong market prices, but also be showcased in a way that memorialized my favorite collection. The catalogs needed to be works of numismatic art and expertise. This meant only one thing: Dave Bowers and the award-winning team at Stack’s Bowers Galleries.

From the beginning you and your firm exhibited the ultimate in professionalism, providing superb advice every step of the way. You examined the collection and determined how participation could be maximized by dividing the notes to showcase rarities in a series of landmark events. Each catalog was extraordinary in scholarly presentation, beautiful photographs and artwork, making them reference works for years to come. Worldwide marketing with numerous displays, press events and special private viewings assured maximum exposure to the right bidders. A finer, more comprehensive program to showcase and memorialize my collection could not be imagined!

The auctions themselves were professionally run and harnessed the additional participation that comes with a major numismatic convention venue. It was a pleasure having my family attend the events with me and enjoy the spirited competition both in the room and on your Internet live bidding platform. The outstanding personal service you provided to me and to the participants certainly contributed to the bottom line results.

When all was said and done, price records were set every step of the way. I was delighted to see the enthusiasm of new buyers for what they had just acquired.

Once again, thank you for all you’ve done for me and for all Stack’s Bowers Galleries does for the numismatic community with your ongoing landmark auction sales. I look forward to seeing each of you and members of the Stack’s Bowers Galleries team as our paths cross in the future. Once a collector, always a collector!

I truly appreciate…Stack’s doing a great job maximizing value and making it so easy for us to sell our coins through you. Very pleased.
I had inherited the coin collection of my uncle. After about a year of indecision on how to dispose of them my wife suggested I contact your firm. She had researched coin dealers and recommended your firm due to its reputation. I brought the coins to…your NY city office. After a few discussions and an evaluation, we sold the bulk of coins to you and then had you auction off about 35 Morgan silver dollars. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the result. One coin had a hammer price of over $50,000. Read More...
Thank you for helping me to successfully navigate through the process of liquidating select portions of a numismatic coin collection. Your personal involvement and the interest and sincerity you demonstrated were particularly appreciated because of the lack of experience and knowledge I had.
I had a great experience at NY Stack’s! I had a few questions and was a bit nervous, but their staff definitely made me feel at ease. Everyone was so helpful and knowledgeable. This is seriously a great place to visit if you are looking to buy, sell, trade or even to just go in and browse.
I’ve been a customer of Stacks for about 45 years, when I was a kid collecting coins. As a grownup, over the past 10 years or so, I’ve sold gold bullion coins to them a few times. Their cut is very fair and the process is secure and drama-free. I once made the error of selling bullion coins elsewhere, but that won’t happen again. If you need to cash out or even if you want to look at some really cool coins, this is the place to go. Read More...
I inherited some coins from my grandfather, but I had no idea what to do with them. The gentleman at the store was very helpful. I ended up consigning the coins to one of their auction and I was very happy with the results! I highly suggest Stack’s Bowers!
Best coin shop in Manhattan.Reasonable price and good, quick service won’t disappoint visitors. Also the place is tidy, make the shop more attractive. If you’re currency collector, visiting this place is highly recommended.
I was referred here a few years ago and have been a customer ever since! I have done business at Stack’s now on several different occasions and have always had a terrific experience. Whether buying or selling, the staff here is always exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful.
Professional, compassionate, thoughtful, high integrity…Stack’s Bowers is the epitome of what a coin gallery should be. We brought in some coins to sell and could not have been more impressed with the process. They are knowledge professionals, provided legitimate valuations (along with explanations…
I cannot overstate how fair, knowledgeable and courteous Stacks Bowers is. Neophyte or experienced buyers and sellers are sure to be very satisfied by the experience of working with them. I will most definitely go to them in the future!
Stack's did the best of the auction firms I consigned to at the show. I'll obviously remember that when I organize more of my collection for consignment.
My wife and I had a wide variety of coins inherited from a family member and were referred to Stack’s by a friend. We couldn’t have been more impressed with the staff and our overall experience. Mark took his time with us and did his due diligence to make sure he carefully went through the collection.
I want to thank Stacks Bowers profusely for a job well done. From start to finish, you have been insightful, supportive and professional – kind of like the “Triple Threat” of gridiron fame. My beloved…medals are memorialized by a catalogue that may well go down as the best ever, an opinion that I am well qualified to render.
I could have never accomplished this [selling my collection] on my own and I did so with full confidence that your firm was working on my behalf. Stacks Bowers more than lived up to its well deserved reputation.
I am writing you today to express my sincere thanks to you and your staff at Stacks Bowers for the superb job that you all did on my consignment to your Baltimore sale. I believe that virtually all my coins got the best possible exposure to the bidders that participate in your auctions. My consignment brought prices that met or exceeded my expectations in almost every case. Read More...
I found some old currency during the course of a move. Stack’s Bowers gave a fast appraisal and the sale was completed very quickly. We sought 4 different appraisals. Stacks came back with the highest appraisal by far!I would definitely recommend and use this service again!
I was looking to sell my father’s and grandfather’s collection of gold and silver US and foreign coins. I had a pleasant conversation with Mark S on the phone. After sending him an inventory it was decided they were coins that they would either buy or auction. This was a very large collection and Mark carefully and methodically went through the collection with us. Read More...
Your service was very much appreciated, and I highly recommend them to anyone concerned about getting the best value for their coins. Skilled, professional, honest and fair. I will return in a heartbeat if I ever have rare coins that I would like liquidate.
Stack’s significantly beat the price from my “recommended” source on 47th street on all 5 coins.Stack’s was well air conditioned, offered cold water bottles, rest rooms and plenty of space for me to lay out my 53 CC coins.Mark even told me that almost half my coins would likely bring in premium prices if we want to auction with them. He explained everything twice (once for me and once for my dad).I had previously heard good things about Stack’s, but when I visited them, they exceeded all my expectations. Read More...
I had a great experience with this business, from the very first email contact to the concluded transaction. I made plans to have a couple of coins evaluated, and I was treated fairly and respectfully. The process was easy and I chose to sell the coins (and some bullion) to them. I was happy with my compensation. I witnessed similarly respectful customer service toward walk-in buyers. I highly recommend Stacks Bowers. Read More...
The highly professional employees here make doing business an honest, hassle-free affair. They’re welcoming, patient and you know you’re in a good place the moment you enter. I was thrilled with the experience I had here. I’ll definitely be back!
Overall a very positive experience selling a modest coin collection…a pleasure to deal with and very straightforward. The prices were fair for dealer prices. More importantly, given that the business has been around for decades and is quite reputable I felt confident that I would not be taken advantage of. Would definitely recommend [Stack’s Bowers Galleries] for selling coins. Read More...
Your efficiency and quick response is uncharacteristic of the Auction industry in general and most welcome.
Thank you for selling my coins & currency. The auction catalogs were beautifully done. And the amount I got from the auction was more than I had hoped for.
I want to express to you that I am very pleased with the auction of my coins in today’s sale. I underappreciated the value of these coins. My loyalty for the sale of all my future coins, tokens, and medals is entirely with you and your company. I hope to see you again soon. Thank you for yet another outstanding consignment experience.
[Your] catalogue is required reading for every serious numismatist. It will be the gold standard of cataloguing for generations to come.
Words cannot express the thanks that you deserve for the wonderful job you did with my coins. In my humble opinion all the research, photography and writing you did made everything possible.The ease of how everything went, I never had any worries.It was successful beyond my wildest dreams.
I was able to acquire over 50 shell cards and also some other hard time, merchant, and civil war tokens I couldn’t resist. This online auction was set up and performed with exceptional quality and professionalism, a tribute I believe that reflects your administrative skills, as well as intimate knowledge of collector’s attributes as well as eccentricities. Read More...
It has been a pleasurable experience dealing with Stacks Bowers for the first time, the ability to pay by PayPal, and the speed of despatch is really amazing, versus your opposition, who will let you open your account with PayPal, but demand payment by transfer.

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