Coin Resource Center Includes Entries on Type I Gold Double Eagles

New content is regularly being added to Stack’s Bowers Galleries Coin Resource Center. A recent addition to the growing database is a group of entries detailing all dates of Type I gold double eagles. Most obviously distinguished by the absence of the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST,” Type I double eagles were first issued in 1850.

Proposals for a $20 coin date to the reintroduction of $10 gold eagles in the 1830s, though legislative efforts to authorize such coins did not materialize until the California Gold Rush in 1848-1849. President James K. Polk signed a bill into law authorizing the denomination on March 3, 1849. Our CRC entry succinctly outlines the coins’ raison d’etre: “… to serve as a storehouse and convenient medium of exchange for the vast quantities of gold discovered and mined during the California Gold Rush.”

Pattern double eagles were produced in 1849 that are among the most sought-after U.S. patterns.

The Type I subtype saw relatively large mintages (over 1 million pieces) and significant rarities. The summary from our CRC entry: “Double eagles of this type were made in large quantities from 1850 onward, although the span is sprinkled with scarce and rare issues.”

A small change, the addition of the motto “In God We Trust” inside the circle of stars above the eagle’s head on the reverse of coins dated 1866 and after, brought the Type I to a close. Two subsequent subtypes were produced – entries on a number of Carson City Type II and III dates are already on the CRC. Readers are encouraged to check those out.

Like CRC entries covering other series, the entry on Type I double eagles includes information about the Liberty Head series and the Type I subtype. The usual bevy of content accompanies each listing, including detailed analysis of an issue’s rarity and typical appearance, links to recent auction results and Coins in Motion videos.

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