1737 Threepence Higley Copper

1737 Threepence Higley Copper

1737 Threepence Higley Copper

Freidus 1.1-A


Estimated Survivors: 2 Known
Obverse Text: THE • VALVE • OF • THREE • PENCE •
Reverse Text: CONNECTICVT • 1737
What to Look For: One example of the two known is impounded in the Eric P. Newman Collection, making this unique in private hands. This early example assigns the copper a value of 3 Pence, which was changed on later coins.

Obverse Design:

The obverse of the coin shows a deer facing the left side of the coin. In a circle around the deer is the text listed above. A pointing hand is centered at the bottom of the coin, pointing to the word THE.

Reverse Design:

This design shows three crowned small hammers centered on the coin. Text surrounds the design and a star hallmark is placed to the left of the date, directly before the C of CONNECTICVT.

Helpful Tips for Identifying the W-8190, Freidus 1.1-A Variety:

When looking at the obverse of the coin, we note that the ground that the deer is standing on lines up with the tip of the N in PENCE. The period following PENCE is located to the outside edge of the deer’s left rear foot, as opposed to being in line with the leg. On the reverse, the three crowned hammers are centered on the coin, with the bottom right hammer aligning over the second 7 in 1737. This variety also featured the aforementioned star hallmark to the left of the date.

1737 higley copper freidus 1.1-a, w-8190 diagnostic photo

1737 Higley Copper, Freidus-1.1-A, W-8190
Ground nearly touches the tip of N in PENCE
1737 higley copper freidus 1.2-a, w-8200 diagnostic photo

1737 Higley Copper, Freidus-1.2-A, W-8200
Ground nearly touches the C in PENCE

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The example to the left was sold by Stack's Bowers Galleries in the Eliasberg & Krause Collections, where it realized $47,725.

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