1737 Threepence Higley Copper

1737 Threepence Higley Copper

1737 Threepence Higley Copper

Freidus 1.2-B.a


Estimated Survivors: 2 Known
Obverse Text: THE • VALVE • OF • THREE • PENCE •
Reverse Text: I • AM • GOOD • COPPER • 1737
What to Look For: Only two examples of this rarity are known, of which Stack’s has sold both. The finer of the two sold in the Ford Collection and is graded VF-35. The reverse has three hammers and the date.

Obverse Design:

The obverse of the coin shows a deer facing the left side of the coin. In a circle around the deer is the text listed above. A pointing hand is centered at the bottom of the coin, pointing to the word THE.

Reverse Design:

This design shows three crowned small hammers centered on the coin. Text surrounds the design and a pointing hand is placed to the left of the date, directly before the I.

Helpful Tips for Identifying the W-8205, Freidus 1.2-B.a Variety:

The obverse of the W-8205 is shared with W-8200. The reverse of the coin holds the main diagnostic that our experts look for. The lower right hammer is lined up directly over the 3 in 1737.

1737 higley copper freidus 1.2-B.a, w-8205 diagnostic photo reverse

1737 Higley Copper, Freidus-1.2-B.a, W-8205
The hammer and 3 are in line
1737 higley copper freidus 1.2-a, w-8200 diagnostic photo reverse

1737 Higley Copper, Freidus-1.2-A, W-8200
The 3 sits to the left of the hammer

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The example to the left was sold by Stack's Bowers Galleries in the Sydney F. Martin Collection, Part I, where it realized $60,000.

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