Important Condition Rarities Offered Within ANA Currency Session

Since the advent of third party certification for collectible banknotes many collectors have turned their attention to current population reports from both PMG and PCGS Currency. This data shows every banknote certified by either firm and gives sight to what pieces have garnered top grades for their respective catalog numbers. Session five of our Official Currency Auction of the ANA World’s Fair of Money will present an incredible amount of these finest certified items. These notes are the pinnacle of available material and always create feverish bidding among collectors when publicly offered.

Condition rarities are seen throughout every genre with special attention being paid to the Large Size type note offerings first within the “Watermelon Collection,” and also following in the main session. Many iconic types are seen in the finest state of preservation we have handled with a PCGS Gem New 68 PPQ Fr. 277 Five Dollar “Chief,” Silver Certificate being of particular importance. The note is one which is met immediately with visual prowess reserved only for banknotes which creep ever so close to perfection. For the catalog number it is unrivaled in quality to all others PCGS has enumerated in their current population data. Within the “Watermelon Collection,” several Federal Reserve Notes of the 1914 series are offered as the finest available with important and rare Red Seal $50 notes leading the way. Lot 7452, a Friedberg 1012b $50 FRN from the Boston district, resides in a PCGS Choice About New 55 grade and is a remarkable new addition to the current reports with the next finest shown as a Very Fine item. In addition to the more available design type notes, rare, earlier dated and higher denomination pieces will be offered from a finest known demand note to a chart topping 1880 $100 Legal Tender Note.

Among the popular designs found within the realm of collectible currency this brief summary of finest certified items for their catalog numbers will certainly appeal to collector.

“1740 Silver Bank Note” lot 7266

“Sword in Hand Note” lot 7274

“Tombstone Note” lot 7397

“Greenback Demand Note” lot 7526

“Wood Chopper Five” lot 7568

“Jackass Note” lot 7574

“Bison Note” lot 7582

“Martha 1886 Note” lot 7602

“Martha 1891 Note” lot 7604

“Black Eagle" lot 7618

“Hancock Deuce” lot 7631

“Windom Note” lot 7633

“Mini-Porthole” lot 7638

“Indian Chief” lot 7653

“Diamond Back” lot 7662

“Hillegas $10 Gold” lot 7691

“Wright $50 Gold” lot 7708
”Benton $100 Gold” lot 7712

“1933 $10 Silver” lot 7735

A total of eight large size notes are offered in PCGS Superb Gem New 68 PPQ grades and we are certain that bidders will find great joy in upgrading to these nearly perfect states of preservation. This magnificent grouping of material will enhance any collection they enter while likely remaining at the top of the population reports for quite some time. From Colonial notes to Small Size type and beyond, these finest certified items will satisfy every collector taste.

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