The Excitement of Live Public Auctions

If you ever attended a live public auction then you will understand the excitement that is in the room, the bidding fever, the competition between two or more buyers and the audience response when the unusual occurs. This can be a new record price, the anticipation of an upcoming lot, the calling out of bids to try to discourage opposition, and the loud chatter that builds along with the excitement. It becomes a show with no script and the actors are the auctioneer and the bidders, the people sitting beside you, in front or back of you and those standing in a corner so not to be observed.

Whether you collect coins, stamps, antiques, or old cars the excitement in the auction room cannot be duplicated. Today in addition to collectors attending a sale in person or bidding through an agent, there are those calling on the phone and using the miracle of the Internet. By way of Stack’s Bowers audio/visual feed, the stage increases to include thousands of participants all over the world.

While the drama is not always at a high pitch, from time to time the fever in the room is ignited by participants competing to acquire rare prizes for their collections. Although I have been a coin auctioneer for over 60 years, there is still no end to the excitement I feel when I take part in a live coin auction. Even when I am not the auctioneer at the podium, it is a great pleasure to just be a part of such an event.

For those of you who have never attended a sale in person, I highly recommend the experience, even if you only watch. The rarer the item being sold, the higher the quality being offered, the more distinguished the pedigree of the prior owners — all this adds to the thrill and drama. And if you do choose to bid, that is an added challenge, which offers the possible elation of winning your desired prize.

I have never grown tired of the experience, and I thank all the buyers and sellers over the years who have made it possible for me to enjoy this wonderful career and marvelous hobby.

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