Welcome to the First PNG New York Show!

Stack’s Bowers Galleries Presents the Milt Tretiak Collection and Other Properties

Publicity for this, the newest Professional Numismatists Guild event, bills it as a “premier” show—which, no doubt, it will be. It is also, for sure, the premiere or first show of its kind. From October 9 to 11 there will be exciting auction activity, a bourse with some of the nation’s leading dealers, and a lot of fun and camaraderie. The Millennium Broadway Hotel is a new venue for us, but it combines upscale quality and reasonable rates. While you’re there take a short walk through Times Square and other areas to our gallery at 123 West 57th Street, where you will receive a warm welcome. It was in 1953 that Stack’s moved there, having been in two other locations since our firm’s establishment in 1933 by Joseph and Morton Stack. In the intervening 61 years (!) 123 West 57th has been a magnet for just about everyone in the Who’s Who in American Numismatics.

A Collectors’ Sale

Focusing on our auction, the pages in our catalog tell the story. The anchor consignment is the Milt Tretiak Collection of Gold Dollars, 1849 to 1889. Time was when gold dollars were far and away the most popular of the gold denominations to collect. Writing in his Treatise on Mint Marks in 1893, Augustus G. Heaton said he knew of not a single numismatist who collected mintmark gold above the $3 denomination. Today that has changed, and with emphasis on intrinsic gold content, double eagles are probably number one on the popularity chart, closely followed by gold dollars. A pleasing aspect for gold dollars is that each date and mintmark is collectible, although some are certainly rare. In contrast, forming a complete collection of double eagles is nearly impossible. That said, the Tretiak Collection offers many opportunities. The Dahlonega Mint issues include the rare 1856-D, 1857-D, and 1860-D in close to Mint State, while the rarity of them all, the 1861-D, the only variety minted under the auspices of the Confederate States of America, is a splendid Mint State coin. Other gold dollars will surprise and delight.

The Collection of a New York Dentist comprises a diverse group of “type” coins throughout our catalog, including a classic 1796 quarter dollar, the second rarest silver type, and a 1796 half dollar, an example of the very rarest of the federal designs. The year 1960 was pivotal for collecting United States coins by type. In that year the Library of Coins albums by the Friedberg family were a sensation among accessories. Rising prices made it very expensive to collect one example of every date and mintmark in many series and assembling a type set offered a pleasing alternative. Today, years later, type sets are basic to our hobby. Our PNG sale offers the majority of coins needed for such a set.

The 1794 Sheldon-29 Liberty Cap cent in Mint State will likely draw bids from all directions. There is something special about cents of this date, and within the early American coppers group there is a subculture of specialists. I should apply to join. I have one—just one—1794 cent. It is the 1794 S-48 Starred Reverse which I bought on impulse in our recent American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money auction. Some years ago I compiled a large archive on this variety with the intent of someday publishing a monograph. The problem has been that so many other things are going on.

Half dimes have always been among my favorite series. For the early reach of the series 1794 to 1805 the second rarest date is the 1805. For this and the rarer 1802 a high grade is typically Very Fine, at best. In contrast half dimes of the other earlier years are regularly seen in EF and AU grades, occasionally in Mint State. The 1805 offered here is an incredible AU! The Proof 1829 half dime in our sale is very special as well. Check the description. This date forms an entire chapter in my forthcoming Coins and Collectors: Golden Anniversary Edition book to be launched by Whitman at their Coin and Collectibles Expo in Baltimore next month (where we will be having another fine auction).

Cents, two-cent pieces, three-cent pieces, nickels, dimes, twenty-cent pieces, and quarters—on up to double eagles and territorial gold—you’ll find a wide choice in our PNG sale.

Plan to Participate!

Look over our auction carefully, contemplate, and then participate! If you come to New York City the red carpet (figuratively) will be rolled out for you—at our auction, at lot viewing, and at our gallery at 123 West 57th Street. In looking through some 1948 issues of The Numismatist I see that Stack’s called New York City “The Coin Capital of the World.” Considering that the vast majority of major collections and rarities have been sold here, it would seem that this description remains true in 2014. I hasten to say that while rarities make headlines, the basis of most of our business is selling “collector coins” to dedicated numismatists, as in the present PNG auction. Have a question? We’re here to help—from lot viewing through the sale sessions to pick-up.

 If you are staying at home—good news for you! Using our dynamic Internet site you can participate in virtual reality—in real time watching our auctioneer at the podium, seeing the item being offered, and featuring an enticing green “Bid!” button. This is a lot of fun. If you are an old timer, you know this. If not, give it a try! With advance preparation with us you can also arrange to bid by telephone on important lots.

After our New York City sale closes we have a special Internet section with its own delights and treasures, including numerous selections from the diverse and extensive Stack’s West 57th Street Collection. Plan to be a part of that as well.

Thank you for your interest and participation in our sale.

Thinking of Selling?

We invite you to take advantage of the excitement and enthusiasm here at Stack’s Bowers Galleries and be a part of our 2015 auction program! Next year’s auction calendar kicks off with our New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC) auction in January—a prestigious event dedicated to the interests of world and ancient collectors—held at the historical Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Later that month, and also in New York City, will be our eagerly anticipated Americana Sale and Rarities Night event.

Consignors have numerous options when selling coins and paper money, but only one choice when it comes to having your consignments handled by a firm with the longest standing record of success in numismatics: Stack’s Bowers Galleries. Contact us today at 800-458-4646 (West Coast) or 800-566-2580 (East Coast) to showcase your rarities in one of our spectacular 2015 auction events.

On behalf of all of us at Stack’s Bowers Galleries, we appreciate your review of our catalog for the PNG New York Invitational. It promises to be a grand event, and we look forward to you being a part of it.

My best wishes to you,

Q. David Bowers


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