Harvey Stack Remembers: Growing Up in a Numismatic Family, Part 98

The fact that 1985
was 50th anniversary year of presenting public auctions attracted
consignments, and we started in January with the vast collection from the
Estate of Joseph Bellini. Joseph was a wonderful collector and a friend to all
who loved numismatics as he did. He had built a comprehensive collection of
20th century coins from small cents to silver dollars, mostly in choice and gem
Mint State. He had a selection of minor Proof sets (as sold by the Mint) from
1878 to 1900. He also built a complete set of gold dollars, along with a large
group of other gold coins from quarter eagles to $20 gold. It was a great way
to start our anniversary year.​

March 1985 brought
a sale of rare and unusual United States gold coins consigned by a group of
local collectors that included Harold Bareford, James Reed, Donald Hopkins, and
Joseph Bellini, all of whom wanted Stack’s to be able to sell important coins
during this year. This catalog of 1,192 lots was highlighted by rare early gold
coins of all types starting with 1795, as well as scarce and rare dates and
mints of all denominations. An offering of territorial gold featured two
octagonal $50 pieces, along with a Wass, Molitor and Co. round $50.​

In May 1985,
Stack’s once again held our annual sale in conjunction with the Greater
Metropolitan New York Numismatic Convention, a major event hosted by nine clubs
in the New York City area. This three-session sale brought 1,815 lots to the
auction block, with the first two sessions offering a comprehensive selection of
all series from Colonials to silver dollars with numerous Mint State and Proof
examples, The third session featured the Sherwood Boyd Collection of U.S. Gold
Coins. Sherwood Boyd was the nephew of the renowned collector and dealer F.C.C.
Boyd, prominent in the 1930s to the 1950s. F.C.C. Boyd had one of the foremost collections
(and hoards) in the metropolitan area, and he traded, bought and sold with many
of the important dealers at the time. He was instrumental in helping his nephew
Sherwood build a noteworthy collection. Sherwood was fortunate to have a family
member teach him about numismatics and quality coins.

The Sherwood Boyd
Collection featured a full set of gold dollars, an extensive run of $2.50 gold,
starting with both varieties of 1796, an almost full set of $3 gold pieces, both
varieties of $4 (1879 Flowing Hair and Coiled Hair) and an extensive run of
half eagles from 1795 to 1929. He also had an almost complete date and variety
set of $10 eagles from 1795 to 1804, and then through to the 1930-S, a great offering
of double eagles, including rare mintmarks. and an impressive collection of territorial
specimens. These three sessions made a perfect “something for everyone”
convention offering.

The Stack’s June
1985 sale was an offering of popular and rare coins from the U.S. half cent to the
$50 gold, offering many possibilities among its 921 lots for those who needed dates
and mint marks to fill openings in their collections. Of course, mid summer
brought about an annual event that had become very popular across the hobby
since its inception in 1979, as in July we participated in the “Apostrophe
Auction,” this time called, of course, Auction ’85. The sale included silver and
gold coins, Gem Proofs and Mint State pieces, as well as sets of coins, highlighted
by early date Proof sets from 1858 to 1915. It was a spectacular offering and
attracted large attendance for each session, as well as thousands of bid
sheets. It proved once again to be a successful venture for Stack’s and the
other participating companies.​

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