Presidential Election Time Part 1

It is once again a presidential election year, and I thought
I would revisit a Coin Quiz that I wrote 20 years ago before the presidential
election of 2000. Then as now, we in the state of New Hampshire see many
candidates come and go in the early primary days, although once our
first-in-the-nation primary is over, we see a lot less of them.

This quiz focused on United States presidents and
numismatics. Remember, this quiz was written in 2000.


1. While living and in office, this president’s portrait
appeared on a legal tender United States coin.

a. Zachary Taylor

b. Abraham Lincoln

c. Calvin Coolidge

d. Herbert Hoover


2. Of the federal paper money in use now, including the $2
notes of 1976, which one of these denominations does not depict an American

a. $1

b. $2

c. $5

d. $10


3. In 1903, to commemorate the centennial of the Louisiana
Purchase, two types of gold dollars were struck at the Philadelphia Mint. On
depicted President William McKinley, and the other depicted:

a. Thomas Jefferson

b. William Howard Taft

c. Grover Cleveland

d. John Adams


4. A few $100,000 federal notes payable in gold were
printed. The president whose image was selected for the face of the note was:

a. Woodrow Wilson

b. Bill Clinton

c. James Madison

d. U.S. Grant


5. Which of these presidents depicted on Mount Rushmore has
never been the subject for a widely-circulating legal tender coin?

a. Thomas Jefferson

b. Theodore Roosevelt

c. George Washington

d. Abraham Lincoln


Answers: 1-c (1926 Sesquicentennial half dollar); 2-d
(Alexander Hamilton); 3-a; 4-a; 5-b.


In my next article in two weeks, I will continue with the
last five questions. Good luck!

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