Best Wishes from Dave Bowers

Happy Holidays!​

Merry Christmas and
Happy Holidays. In numismatics it has been a very good year not only for
Stack’s Bowers Galleries but for the entire hobby. In a nation and world of
unrest, numismatics is a quiet harbor—a place of rest to enjoy the lore and
lure, the history and tradition, the pleasures of studying and collecting
coins, tokens, medals, and paper money. Our dynamic series of auction sessions
at the Whitman Expo in Baltimore last month still echo—lots of excitement! 

As you read these
words, our great sale for the 2020 New York International Numismatic Convention is in the offing—the ideal way to
start the new year. If you are adding to your collection, 2020 will offer many
opportunities. If it is time for you to sell, the same sentiment is true. One
of my great pleasures is working with the staff to make our auctions more than
just sales, to make them memorable events. Our success dates back to 1935 and is
unequalled by any other rare coin firm in the world, past or present.

To add to your enjoyment I invite you to visit our eBay store at to see interesting and informative books we
have for sale. Or, you can go to the Whitman Publishing Company website where
you will find dozens of titles, including over two dozen by me. An evening of reading about coins will add
immeasurably to the pleasures of ownership. Likewise, for me, writing about
coins greatly increases my enjoyment of numismatics. If you are an old-timer
you may remember the Companion books I created years
ago—anthologies of interesting (in my opinion) numismatic stories. I am currently
creating a new issue, tentatively titled The
Numismatist’s Seaside Companion. 

I encourage you to
embrace everything that coin collecting has to offer. If you are not an active
client at Stack’s Bowers Galleries, I invite you to become one! You will enjoy
the experience. And, at any given time I am just a few internet keystrokes away
if I can help.

All good wishes,

Dave Bowers

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