A Rare 1864 Presentation 4 Baht

Stack’s Bowers & Ponterio has returned to Hong Kong for our second Asian sale of the year! As I write this our staff has already arrived and begun to make the final preparations for what will surely be an exciting sale of beautiful and rare pieces from all over Asia and the Pacific. Lot viewing will begin on Thursday August 16th and continue throughout the run of the auction (Aug. 19-22). If you are fortunate enough to join us at the Mira Hong Kong let me make one last recommendation on what not to miss during viewing. Lot 50541 is a very rare 1864 Presentation 4 Baht struck to commemorate Rama IV’s sixtieth birthday, graded NGC AU-55. These large denomination Baht coins with their broad flans filled with intricate depictions of the Thai royal crown are rare on their own, but this type was struck in very low quantities as it was never intended for circulation. Interesting too is the inclusion of the Chinese inscription, “Negotiable Currency of Cheng Ming”, on the reverse. Eduard Kann states that during this period Thailand allowed a certain measure of Chinese suzerainty over their kingdom as they navigated the tricky waters of avoiding European colonization. Through deft political maneuvering and manipulation of the colonial rivalries surrounding their land, the Thai kingdom retained its independence (minus the measured control China exerted over certain affairs) and was the only Southeast Asian country never colonized by European powers. With this tenuous agreement with Qing China in mind it makes perfect sense that this commemorative royal striking would include a Chinese inscription as the coins were likely given to important Chinese officials as well as native Thai officials. Evenly toned with some subdued peripheral highlights this piece adds good eye appeal to its overall desirability.

With only a few short days to go before we begin the first session of the Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio August 2012 Hong Kong sale we welcome all those who are able to join us for pre-sale lot viewing at the Mira Hong Kong. For those who cannot attend in person our entire sale can be viewed with high resolution photos at Also on our website is the online only session for this sale which contains many desirable pieces and should not be overlooked. We wish happy bidding to all and look forward to bringing you more sales in November and January as well as another excellent selection of Asian rarities in our next Hong Kong sale to be held in April of 2013.

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