The British Royal Mint Selects Stack’s Bowers Galleries to Sell

Historic Royal Succession Britannia and Sovereign Coins

The British Gold Sovereign Coin

The Sovereign coin series has served as a pillar of global commerce since it was first introduced in 1489. It is struck using 22 carat gold with 916.7 of gold fineness, and comes with a guarantee of accuracy to five decimal places. The Sovereign has always been closely associated with the British monarchy. A symbol of reliability and strength, it is The Royal Mint’s flagship coin and one of the most trusted bullion coins in the world, earning its title as “the Chief coin of the world.” 

Its story begins during the reign of King Henry VII, who introduced the Sovereign as a symbol of his newfound power and wealth. Originally minted in gold with a face value of one pound, the coin’s name was derived from the regal imagery of the monarch seated on a throne, or “sovereign.” 

Under King Henry VIII, the Sovereign became a standard coin in circulation, featuring the iconic Tudor rose on the reverse side. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, the Sovereign saw further refinement and became a symbol of England’s prosperity and influence. 

The production of Sovereigns temporarily ceased in the early 17th century, only to be revived later during the reign of King George III in 1817. This revival marked the beginning of a new era for the Sovereign, as it became a cornerstone of the British gold coinage system. This is also when the classic design of St. George slaying the dragon was introduced on the reverse. 

During the reigns of Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, and King George V, the Sovereign continued to be minted and underwent occasional design changes. These coins are highly sought after by collectors due to their historical significance and artistic merit. 

As a symbol of British heritage and excellence, the Gold Sovereign holds a special place in the hearts of collectors worldwide. Its iconic design, historical significance, and enduring allure ensure that the Sovereign remains a cherished treasure in the realm of numismatics.

This significance and allure are carried on through these special Sovereign gold coins from The Royal Succession Series. They allow today’s collectors and investors to participate in this cherished legacy that began over 530 years ago. 

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