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Travers Educational Seminar a Hit at the FUN Show

At the recent Florida United Numismatists (FUN) convention in Orlando a main attraction was the Educational Seminar conducted by Scott Travers. A popular author, speaker, and rare coin consultant, Travers showcased the economy, the passion to buy gold and silver and reasons for doing so, and how to buy and sell coins.

Television and radio commentator Jim Kingsland, well-known to millions of viewers, shared insights on precious metals in a presentation coordinated with details about the economy past and present, inflation, and the United States dollar. Maurice Rosen, of the award-winning Rosen Advisory newsletter, shared his views of the market, gold and silver, and other topics. David Hall opened the seminar with his own views onthese issues and then introduced the lead speaker, Scott Travers.

Our own Christine Karstedt of Stack’s Bowers Galleries, represented the rare coin auction field. She gave insights on carefully planning when buying and selling coins and related her extensive experience in the field, including taking the first step in consigning to auctions. She has been a leader in the auction field for over 25 years and has been deeply involved in the most valuable collections and rarities ever to cross the block.

The room was packed from wall to wall, from front to back. Emphasis was on being not just an investor but to have a bit of collecting spirit influencing your purchases as well. Of course, the most significant organization for collectors is the American Numismatic Association. As part of the program, a show of hands as to how many people belonged to the American Numismatic Association was requested. On behalf of Stack’s Bowers Galleries and the ANA Chris invited anyone interested to sign up for a free ANA membership for a full year. After the Seminar a special table was set up outside of the room and was thronged with enthusiastic members-to-be!

The event was such a dynamic success that the team is planning a similar, more extensive seminar to be held at the Whitman Coin and Currency Expo on March 23rd from 1 pm to 3 pm. Please be sure to mark your calendars and attend.
For more information please contact email Christine Karstedt.

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