Welcome to the 2016 Anaheim ANA World Currency Auction

World Currency Department of Stack’s Bowers Galleries is thrilled to present
the World Banknote auction session for our official August 2016 auction of the
ANA World’s Fair of Money in Anaheim. Since the start of 2016, we have been
accepting consignments and preparing the auction, while eagerly anticipating
presenting this auction session to you. This particular auction is special to
us, as it’s the first auction we have held since acquiring Manifest Auctions,
another auction house superpower. With their clientele, in addition to our ever-growing
list of consignors, we have been able to showcase many items that have never
been seen in public auction, along with many items that are the finest known of
their catalog number.

Number 1 notes are coveted among collectors for the obvious prestige of owning
the first note off the block. In some cases, these do not carry a premium.
However, when you couple that serial number with a popular, rare, or highly
desirable issue, you find that the notes become flagship items that any
collector would wish to have. Our sale features two such pieces. The New
Zealand 1934 10 Shillings is seen with the Z block’s Serial Number 1 in Very
Choice New condition by PCGS. The other rare offering is the Dominion of
Canada’s 1923 $2 A Block Serial Number 1 with what we believe, after tracing
the pedigree of the note, is Prince Edward of Wales’ signature.

are pleased to offer some exciting Design Proposals and Artist Proofs,
including but certainly not limited to a Qatar Monetary Agency 500 Riyals
design.  This uniface design showcases
some of the typical features found on notes from that agency at the time. The
design was never issued to the public, so it is plausible that the note is
unique. We will also be offering an exemplary Artist Proof of an Indian,
Hyderabad Hand Painted 1000 Rupee Note seen printed on Waterlow & Sons
thick cardstock. A significant feature of this proof is the Waterlow & Sons
stamped seal embossed on the bottom right. This is another proof we feel is
likely unique, as this was not the design that was ultimately chosen for the
issued version of the note.

Specimen Proofs highlight the French section of our catalog. These are
prominent notes that we have never offered, and that you will be unlikely to see
again in a public auction for quite some time. These rare “Moliere” 50,000
Francs and “Colbert” 500 Francs pieces (as they are known to French collectors),
both exhibit exceptionally large margins, as they were created for size fitting
purposes. Without serial numbers and watermarks, these also feature problem
free PMG Gem Uncirculated 66 EPQ paper. We believe that these notes will easily
become highlights in any serious collection as a result of their scarcity and exceptional
state of preservation.

ANA World’s Fair of Money sale is always one of our finest auctions of the
year, and we anticipate this sale to continue that trend. With all of the
rarities and never before seen pieces we are offering, we expect a collector
driven auction with a large, attendance that will make this sale a huge
success. As always, we thank you for your interest in our auction, and hope you
will not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the
lots offered here.

With Sincere Appreciation,                     


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