The West Point, NY Mint (W Mintmark)

The West Point Mint opened as a bullion depository in 1938 and served as the nation’s primary storage facility for silver bullion as well as some gold and platinum. In the mid-1970s, it began to produce Lincoln Cents, though no mintmark was shown and in 1976, bicentennial quarters were made there as well. The minting of gold medals began in 1980, and the first “W” mintmark appeared on the Olympic $10 commemorative gold piece in 1984 even though the facility was not yet an official mint. American gold eagle production commenced in 1986, again though, with no indication of their origin. The West Point facility was granted full mint status on March 31, 1988.

Since its promotion to a mint, West Point has been extremely active, particularly in the production of bullion coin issues, which include American Eagle proof and uncirculated coins in gold, silver, platinum and palladium, American Buffalo gold bullion coins, and commemorative coins as authorized by Congress.

There have been a number of special West Point issues, struck mostly for collectors. Some of these include the 50th anniversary Roosevelt dime in 1996, a special dime and dollar in 2015 bearing the “W” mintmark for the March of Dimes commemorative set, and the 2014 reverse-proof Kennedy half dollar, struck for the 50th anniversary of that coin. Sacagawea Dollars were made in 2015 as a part of the Native American Coin and Currency set. The “W” mintmark began appearing on circulating quarters in 2019 and some cents made for collectors. In 2020, Jefferson nickels bearing the “W” mintmark were made for a variety of proof sets.

Even though it is now a full-fledged mint, West Point continues to serve as a gold bullion depository and due to security reasons, no public tours are given.

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