A Tribute to Joseph J. Haney – Collector and Researcher from Yesteryear

I first met Joseph Haney via first class mail back in the 1980s. He was a collector from Philadelphia and one of my Coin World columns had caught his eye, one in the November 13, 1985 edition titled “Storage or Display?” Joe had become frustrated with the coin albums of the mid 1980s and was always looking for a better way to display his prized collections in order to create a presentation that would advocate for the hobby. I edited his initial note and republished it in a subsequent issue of Coin World to attract more interest to the issue. This was the hobby’s first public appearance of Joseph J. Haney in a numismatic publication. His dedication and enthusiasm for numismatics earned him numerous additional credits for his contributions to important research publications.

 Joe was a preeminent variety collector during the 1980s and 1990s, across multiple types and denominations, and was a sought after resource for many authors of that period. He would scour coin shows and local auctions looking for unusual varieties that others would have missed, purchasing them and documenting the new discoveries.

Joseph Haney was generous with both his time and his knowledge, selflessly providing his variety research and discoveries to multiple authors across a broad spectrum of numismatics. He provided at least 22 plate coins for David Lawrence’s 1991 The Complete Guide to Barber Dimes and at least 75 plate coins or images for Richard Snow’s 1992 Flying Eagle & Indian Head Cents. He was also featured as a contributor in the Cherrypicker Guides by Bill Fivaz and J.T. Stanton, as well as other publications. Without Mr. Haney’s vast knowledge, ability and determination, many of the reference guides used by numismatists in this country and around the world would be incomplete. Mr. Haney was also awarded a medal by the American Numismatic Association for his display at the Milwaukee World’s Fair of Money in 1986.

Now we have come full circle and it was a pleasure to have the Haney family choose Stack’s Bowers Galleries to sell Joe’s prized collections at auction. A tip of the hat to you, Joe, for the lasting mark you’ve made on the hobby!

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