Landmark Casascius “Double Error” 1 Bitcoin Featured in our Summer 2022 Auction

Outside of the unique prototype gold 1000 BTC coin, the 2011 Casascius Double Error 1 Bitcoin is the rarest coin in the Casascius series and is considered to be a Holy Grail of the entire cryptocurrency category. Among the nearly 28,000 coins issued as part of the Casascius series, there are only five reported examples of this 2011 Double Error. Casascius creator Mike Caldwell confirmed this himself on his blog, posting a picture of a note stating: “Only 5 out of my batch of 11,000 have the address printed above center.” It boasts the same misspelling of CASACIUS on the hologram as the “regular” Error variety, but also features the firstbits address printed 3 mm too high in a second error.

We are thrilled to offer an incredible MS-66 (PCGS) specimen in our Summer 2022 Global Showcase Auction, exhibiting nearly flawless surfaces and lovely golden-tan coloration throughout. It was loaded on November 6, 2011, making it among the earliest funded physical crypto coins of any type and further compounding the desirability.

Series specialist Elias Ahonen, author of the Encyclopedia of Physical Bitcoins and Crypto-Currencies, offers some special commentary on this important piece noting:

“The Casascius ‘Double Error’ is perhaps the most remarkable Casascius coin. The “Double Error” coins were distributed randomly to original buyers, who are not known to have given them any special consideration, leading the first known ‘Double Error’ to be discovered only in 2015. The present coin, firstbits 18DaMtK8, is the second confirmed ‘Double Error’ and was only recently discovered in 2021. Its sale will mark the very first public sale of a ‘Double Error’ coin.

“While 18DaMtK8’s MS-66 grade is normal for 2011 coins whose minting process was less precise compared to 2013 iterations, what is remarkable is that the printed ‘first bits’ appear wholly flawless, something that is not the case for the vast majority of ‘Error’ variety coins. As 1/5th of ‘Error’ coins have been peeled, this means that only two undiscovered ‘Double Error’ coins are likely to remain.  As such, 18DaMtK8 may well be among the most perfect and fascinating representatives of not only the ‘Error’ and ‘Double Error’ varieties, but of the Casascius brand and physical cryptocurrency as a whole.”

This 2011 Casascius Double Error 1 BTC will be sold at the end of the Rarities Night session which opens for live bidding on Thursday, August 25. For questions on this offering of Bitcoins or to consign your physical cryptocurrency to a future auction, contact Stack’s Bowers Galleries today at [email protected] or 800-566-2580.

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