Welcome to the November 2020 Showcase Auction Sessions

Welcome to our November 2020 Showcase Auction Sessions,
which features several impressive cabinets that are being offered to collectors
for the first time in decades. I am delighted to report that the coin
collecting market remains vibrant and bidders are enthusiastic. With strong
results in our auctions since the start of 2020, it is clear that numismatics
continues to provide an enjoyable pursuit for so many collectors!

The Naples Bay Collection is a magnificent group of United
States type coins that was assembled in the 1950s through the 1980s and has
been held privately since. It showcases some of the most iconic rarities from
the early U.S. Mint, as well as from the later Morgan dollar, Saint-Gaudens
double eagle and Classic commemorative series. Highlights featured in this
catalog include a Choice Proof 1796 Myddleton token in silver, a Choice EF 1795
Flowing Hair half dollar, a Choice AU 1889-CC Morgan dollar, a lustrous 1808
half eagle, and a Gem 1914-D Saint-Gaudens $20. Further items from the Naples
Bay Collection will be offered in our December 2020 Showcase auction.

The Monterrey Collection was also built over the second half
of the 20th century and is now coming to market for the first time in a
generation. It features a complete set of Proof Morgan dollars that was
previously housed in a Capital Plastics frame, as well as an array of iconic
type coins and key-dates. Presented in the following pages are a bold AU 1916
Standing Liberty quarter, Gem Cameo Proof 1899 and 1890 Morgan dollars, an AU
1803/2 Capped Bust Right $5, and many others.

A virtually complete set of Morgan and Peace silver dollars
from the Abigail Collection includes more than two dozen Proofs. Formed many
decades ago and stored in individual paper envelopes, the Abigail Collection is
entirely new to the market and has only just been evaluated by the modern
grading services. Among its many highlights will be found a Choice VF 1893-S
Morgan dollar, a Gem Proof 1901 dollar, and Gem examples of the 1921 and 1934-S
Peace dollar.

The Collection of Steve Studer showcases New Orleans Mint rarities
of the Liberty Seated type and gold coins from the Liberty Head series. An
interesting group of pattern and territorial die trials is offered from the
Samuel J. Berngard Collection. A selection of numismatic artwork and Mint
medals is presented from the Collection of Leonard Augsburger, co-author of The
Secret History of the First U.S. Mint. Included are several renditions of
the iconic painting Ye Ole Mint; each of these will certainly be a
showpiece in the office or library of a passionate numismatist.

Alongside these cabinets, our November 2020 Showcase auction
presents additional diverse treasures including a silver teapot by Ephraim
Brasher of doubloon fame, a 1783 Chalmers sixpence with provenance back to
1867, a sharp key-date 1901-S Barber quarter, a pair of Superb Gem 1972-D and
1976-D Eisenhower dollars and a sharp AU 1861-C Liberty Head $5. Be sure to peruse
the entire catalog to view these highlights and many others. You never know
when something you see in a catalog (or by viewing our auctions online at, will pique your interest and get you thinking about what
your next specialty could be.

This catalog is one of several impressive catalogs for our
November sale, accompanying specialized presentations of the Larry Ness
Collection of Indian Peace Medals, the Larry. H. Miller Collection Part One,
and the E. Pluribus Unum Collection Part 2. There is a catalog for our highly
anticipated Rarities Night session, as well as one dedicated to United States
paper money.

The entire Stack’s Bowers Galleries November auction, with
sharp, high resolution, enlargeable images, is also featured on our website or our IOS and Android apps. While it is unfortunate that many
of us won’t be able to travel to the auction and greet each other in person, bidding
from your home computer or mobile device is simple. Even before the Covid 19
pandemic limited people’s ability to attend events like conventions and
auctions, more and more of our clients were discovering how easy and convenient
online participation in a Stack’s Bowers Galleries auction can be. In the days
leading up to our November sale I will be viewing the items on my computer, and
appreciating the great variety of coins, medals and tokens that will be
crossing the block. As most people know, I enjoy a $500 sutler token as much as
a Morgan dollar that sells for over $1 million – both have stories to tell and
value that goes beyond the price realized. When the actual auction starts, I
will be watching the auction online from my home here in New Hampshire and like
so many others, will be tempted often by the “Bid” button.

Be sure to get registered ahead of time and keep checking on
the items that most interest you. You can bid before the auction starts, or in
real time using our audio and visual feed. However you choose to bid, don’t
hesitate to contact our auction services department at 800-458-4646 if you need
any technical assistance.

On behalf of everyone at Stack’s Bowers Galleries, I thank
you for your interest and wish you the best of luck in your bidding!


Click here to download a free copy of this auction catalog
to your computer or mobile device.

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