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Stack’s Bowers Galleries’ initial offering of physical Bitcoins in November 2021 was met with great excitement from the numismatic world, as well as the crypto world. Since then, we have continued to pursue consignments within the physical crypto space with great success. There are currently around 60 different physical cryptocurrency iterations that span a wide range of denominations and materials. Our auctions of physical cryptocurrency offer something for every collector. Many of the prices realized rely on the denomination, whether the Bitcoin is Funded or Unfunded, and whether the coin has been redeemed, or peeled. Below are some of the more popular physical BTC types that we have sold since November 2021, but our physical cryptocurrency experts are always willing to take a look at your collection even if it is not included on the list.

Stack’s Bowers Galleries is also excited to offer their clients the ability to pay for their purchases with Bitcoin. The firm has arranged with BitPay to facilitate all Bitcoin payments and a 1% fee will be added to all invoices for this service. Additional terms and conditions apply, and bidders are encouraged to contact Stack’s Bowers Galleries before the sale with any questions relating to payment via BitPay. For questions on this offering of Bitcoins or to consign your physical cryptocurrency to a future auction, contact Stack’s Bowers Galleries today at [email protected] or 800-566-2580.

Let’s talk about Casascius coins: “physical bitcoins”.

These numismatic items are a great way to diversify without diversifying! What we mean by that is that you can hold some of your BTC – 0.1 BTC, 0.5 BTC, 1 BTC, 5 BTC, 10 BTC – as a physical coin that’s even scarcer than digitally traded BTC!

Casascius coins, the best-known brand of physical bitcoin – made between 2011 and 2013 by Mike Caldwell of Sandy, UT, USA – have their private keys sealed under a holographic, tamper-resistant sticker. Every time someone peels a Casascius Bitcoin to reveal the key and spend the coin’s UTXO, the rarity of the remaining “loaded” coins increases. To own a Casascius coin is to own a piece of art and a piece of Bitcoin history – a coin made by the most trusted maker in the space with over 91k bitcoin ‘loaded’ onto them (including bars and coin up to 1000 BTC each).

Our auction results have proven that these physical cryptocurrencies are increasingly sought after both by Bitcoiners and traditional numismatists.

With trust in centralized exchanges and other custodial options rapidly evaporating, the ideal option is to learn to do cold storage properly: to generate and manage private keys securely and sign transactions off-line. Many trustless options may not be as trustless as they seem. And even when they are, without sufficient understanding and care, it is easy to get one thing wrong and to lose funds – sometimes substantial funds. Physical bitcoins offer a better way. For anyone prepared to accept that their keys were generated by a third party – and therefore that some trust is required – it is a simple, straightforward and satisfying way of owning and holding BTC self-custodially.

The level of trust required for custodial solutions is substantial. The third parties need to:

• manage private keys
• manage secure signing
• mitigate for hacking risk of hot (and cold) wallets
• manage all the funds in their custody
• mitigate regulatory risks

… all on an ongoing basis. And then, even where they manage all that competently and with integrity, when the time comes to withdraw funds, you count on legislation compliance permitting you access to your digital coin.

For physical bitcoins, neither expertise nor permission is necessary. Anyone who knows how to keep their jewelry, precious metals, family heirlooms safe knows how to keep their physical Bitcoin safe. Peeling a Casascius coin to send some or all of your bitcoin anywhere, securely and with no need for permission does require some competency: knowing how to create a transaction including the coin’s UTXO and to off-line sign it.

However, without any expertise, when you own a Casascius coin you can:

• hold it
• give it as a gift
• leave it to heirs,
• sell it.

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